“Your Body Never Lies”

I heard Brian Joseph Snyder speak at Circle of Miracles Sunday Church Service Celebration in New Britain, PA on February 23, 2020. I found his story absolutely fascinating. The Link for that presentation is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCJcmRZq_Y4

He worked on a young lady who was an Iraq War Veteran who I have worked with previously. In a few minutes, he moved her forward tremendously.

I had lunch with her afterward and she was beaming with a refreshing level of Joy. I shared this feedback with him later that week because I wanted him to know she was a Veteran who had PTSD and his work helped her.

I decided on studying this work and am still reviewing the videos and looking forward to completion. I recommend them for your consideration, he calls them the Playshop and you can find them free online at http://youtube.com/freeoflimits

1 – Brian’s Story

Brian told the story that at age fifteen, his cardiologist told him that he had only ten years to live. He went on to tell the story of his teacher’s challenges and how those experiences brought gifts that were explained in detail to Brian.

The teacher wanted Brian to ground the ideas that he had learned but was unable to deliver in person. Brian told a cool story of the internal dialogue that goes on when we hear the voice inside that sets the stage for failure.

Brian dissected the story enough so that listeners could hear the pivotal details of how we have opportunities to shift the patterns that we expect when we consciously decide to impact events in our lives in the middle of the action.

He further detailed the dissection of the activity to the degree necessary to shift not only the expectation but also the predictability of the outcome.

When we expect one outcome and can unravel that enough to change the details within a millisecond, the result shifts, and so does the predictability and reproducibility.

When you know you can change things, there is no longer any reason to expect failure.

2 – Unraveling the Tendency to Self-Sabotage

When we can unravel the tendency to self-sabotage, we can embrace the understanding of intuition and trust to heighten our ability to target our actions so we can perform at the highest levels.

From Where Did This Come?

In childhood, when we experience feelings that are not welcome, many children push away their experience as if it did not happen. The pushing away does not change anything except to avoid the feeling that one does not wish to acknowledge.

The feeling then gets dragged forward through time, perpetually attempting resolution by overlaying itself over present time events.

Where Do The Feelings Go?

They go nowhere. The feelings get stuck in our bodies. And then it is like the event we do not wish to feel seems to be continually happening.

Any responses that are triggered can be mild to very inappropriate because the initial activation is no longer happening, and new manifestations are reacting to a historical event, not a new reality. The feelings then get dragged forward through time, perpetually attempting resolution by overlaying present time events and confusing the feelings even more.

The Playshop is about feeling the denied experiences, processing the emotions, and updating truth so automatic responses can be proper. The difference in the quality of life for those who get this can be transformational.