Twenty Buck Unstuck

Get Unstuck Now! The $20 Buck Unstuck

Putting Momentum Into Your Life

Change your mind and change your reality.

Unlock the prison of your mind.

Access your reservoir of genius.

Give yourself permission to stimulate:

●Your Genius          ● Your Contribution    ● Your Understanding
● Your Caring          ● Your Company         ● Your Community.

The Goal

The goal of this process is to generate momentum in your life by challenging the basic assumptions that you use to define your stuck state and encouraging you to reassess whether they have value or not. You do whether or not you realize it.

Your New Vocabulary

Bliss………………………A Happy state of mind

Get Out Of Prison Now…..Freedom

Mental Prison……………..Self-constructed limitations that give the perception that we can not move towards our bliss.

Stuck……………………… A state of mind in which we feel that we have no power and cannot move towards things that would make us happy.

Stuck State………………..The state of being stuck.

Stuck~ness………………….The reality of and the level to which we are stuck.

Unstuck……………………The state of mind where freedom allows us to think about and move towards things that make us happy.

Unstuck~ness………………The state of being free of mental constriction.

Twenty Premises

 We start with you listing the premises upon which you think that you are stuck. As you go through this process, be mindful of the fact that you will be the one to solve your problems and that all I offer is challenges to your state of stuck-ness. If you pay close attention, you can get your answers without ever contacting me. You can always take a step toward unstuck-ness.

I Want To Help

I want to help you to be empowered by the elimination of your mental blocks so that you become aware, ready, productive, and essential to your family, employer/customer and your community.

The 5% Premise Shift.

 If you have twenty premises each representing 5% of your paradigm, when you change that premise you have a 5% paradigm shift. Now think about your paradigm as if it was a bucket and we have one premise on the front bottom of the bucket. We will use water as the energy that fills our hypothetical bucket. When we eliminate the 5% premise, the volume in the whole bucket is effected. In this analogy, most will be lost. In the real world, the results will vary but a 5% shift is a great start. 

Here Is The Way This Works

  1. You write out the premises that keep you stuck. {To simplify the next three paragraphs since you may be doing it online, Just make a form and label it Your Name, $20 Unstuck, the date and time. Make two identical copies of the blank page. One you will send/attach to me in an e-mail and the other you will add your questions/statements that can be answered Yes or No.}
  • You write out any questions that rattle around in your head and cause you doubt.
  • You trim the list to twenty premises or Questions.  Take out all extra questions/premises so that each question/premise is numbered 1 to 20.
  • {Disregard First Sentence if doing it online} Place a blank page over your list and trace the numbers as they are on the original. You send this copy of the list to me. Maintain your original for comparison with the answers.   
  • I will give you a Yes or No as to whether I get that the premise/question is right or wrong at this moment. This is not a judgment. Merely my feeling of the energy of the situation as is right that moment.
  • One by one, You consider my answers as if they are correct now.
  • One by one, you determine how you feel about my input and whether it is true or false as is for you.
  • Next you consider whether you like the premise you are working on as is or whether it is time for a rewrite.
  • If you don’t like your premises, change them because when you change your mind, you change your life.

What am I Doing?

I read the energy of the moment to provide navigational assistance for the ship that is your life.

Just like a ship needs to know where it is and where it is going, humans need to be constantly assessing their position.

I give a second opinion on life’s challenges and the energy of the present moment to assist with direction-finding. While not a substitute for your own common sense or your need to pay attention to the moving dynamics of every situation, my opinion is simply a view to help stimulate your process of possibility thinking as you move towards your goals.

Stay aware that after you make any decision, the wisdom of it is influenced by subsequent factors that are decided by others and which you could never predict.

This service is offered to help individuals bypass the “PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS” and keep moving towards goals. Answers are not to be considered as final answers for important issues in life that need to be measured and decided. This is merely an opinion of the energy of your thinking in a particular moment about a particular topic. Our thinking can change and with each thought, we have new options that change the energy and dynamics of our lives. My answers are my view of what you have written.

How am I Doing This?

I am a Dowser, Reiki Master in several lineages, A Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy and other modalities. I am sensitive to human energy and the shifting of it. I am somewhat intuitive but do not like the term Psychic as I do not predict the future and do not want anyone to surrender their important power of discernment to me. I want you to constantly be aware that you need to stay in control of your life, how you vibrate, who you attract, what you allow and what you manifest. You are an awesome being as is now. Please consider using your magnificence to be a blessing for others and yourself.  

About your premises/questions.

  1. They should be precise and not subject to misinterpretation.
  2. Write them out on a piece of paper. Put them at a particular place.
  3. It is best not to be vague like:

– Am I doing the right thing?

– Will I be successful?

– Did I do the right thing?

  1. The best premises/questions would be something like:

  – Will I earn a $100 or more during a certain time?

– Am I on the correct path to my highest good?

– Something measurable?

  1. It is a good idea to throw in some test items that you know the answer to. It is best to be very specific. The best test questions would be something that is verifiable somewhere.
  2. Do not try to ask fortune-telling type Questions. Ask only in the present tense. If the energy around the question changes, the response will also.

Please Know

 There is no magic here and no guarantees. I get what I get and you are in charge of your life. I want to stimulate and challenge your active decision process. If you meet me in public, understand that I will not answer questions in crowded rooms because the energies of many people overlapping can influence my interpretation.

Answers Are Not Absolute

Within you there is enormous potential, ignoring it serves you not but moving towards it does. Even a “wrong” answer can move you in a direction that leads to an intersection that can access your destination. On airplanes, you are reminded that the nearest exit may be behind you. Be open to it all but don’t wait for an engraved invitation. You are in charge. 

Answers Are Not Permanent

Follow any answer only as long as it stimulates your creative thought and then follows that thought pathway to your highest good. Don’t be surprised if you get mad at the answer as that is a sign that you are challenging the premises that got you stuck in the first place. Writing out any angry thoughts can be very helpful to finding fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Rev. Mike Wanner 215-342-1270