Pranic Healing For Veterans

I am a Veteran who is active in Writing and Healing and have been involved in Angel and Energy Healing for almost thirty years. I am now working towards Certification in Pranic Healing and it takes a lot of documented work to qualify.

I would like to offer that work free to Veterans and others in the Bucks County community on an individual basis, first come, first served, limited time. I have put up this page to explain the details.

I realize that Pranic Healing is lesser-known in America than in the east so I have written a series of little books as primers for those who like the details. A choice of one or all is available free at for download. The Meditation book alone could help many people find a path to healing.

Many people may not know, what is bothering them. So I developed a little test that can be self-administered to see what is really troubling. Please consider it to help you understand yourself.

One Question: What is the most important thing for you to heal, shift, empower, change or expand in your life? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Measure Twelve Emotions on a Scale of 1 (least) to 10 (most) :

01 Guilt_______
02 Distrust_______
03 Shame_______
04 Threat_______
05 Overly- Responsible_______
06 Heartache_______ 07 Betrayal_______
08 Resentment_______
09 Anger_______
10 Stress_______
11 Powerlessness_______
12 Fear__________

If you would like to be considered for a free session in my Pranic Healing project, please share the answer to the question and the emotions and the numbers of those who rate over 5 with me and I will be in touch so we can do a ZOOM session and talk about it. If you do not take the test, just send a note. Contact E-mail is