Personal Power Program with Dowsing. (Video Optional)

Many people struggle with things that seem confusing. A significant consideration in confusion is an Internal dialogue system called your ego which tries in its own way to defend you from perceived threats.

When we do not decide how we value things, our ego can be confused and react to uncertainty in ways that others can see as inappropriate.

The idea for this class is to get Help deciding some things you want to release or integrate and others you wish to attract. Your decisiveness adds content to beliefs so that ego can be less reactive to old goals and more appropriate to your present desires. 

This class with adding a facilitated support level to the two Do It Yourself programs You may have completed, namely the original program is focused on Releasing and Attracting  and Plan B focused on Integrating and Attracting.

The values you choose will be challenged by my dowsing to help you to be aware of what in the big world could serve your interests so you can know about specific things at opportune times.

After you have created your numbered lists, I will blind dowse {By Number, Without Words} to see if your wording is appropriate for your intended goal. If Yes, your good. If no, you can reword. I will redo the dowse if you wish.

After you have created your combined list, I will dowse to inquire if your chosen #1 is an optimal focus point for you first focus or if my dowsing would suggest a different number to start. The idea is to suggest what might work best and invite you to reassess if there is any conflict.

You may decide eventually that your original pick is still the best but the analysis is a valuable process to look at the finer details so that your final decision is rock solid. Of course, when circumstances change, so can your values.

The session will be done on ZOOM. You may add a video record so you have a video of the physical reactions you displayed in the process. Keeping your form and adding the YouTube video for further self-awareness and self-optimization can help add motivation to your effort.

You may often not know what you feel and what your ego is set to attract or resist. Updating our true desires and recording them can help you notice your automatic behavior, and that could be eye-opening.