Prison Possible

I continue to invite readers to consider publishing a simple 200-word article about an idea that has the capability to be the seed of a positive perspective shift for the readers of it. This is not an invitation to vent or blame.  I encourage you to publish the articles yourself and submit to news media and politicians and send them to me at if you would like me to consider publishing your possibilities.

This is an invitation to share something wise that can be seen as needed by those who read your idea. You could intend that they will be able to focus their energy to prepare your idea seed to grow and help them and others.

The messages could help heal, release, grow from, process, understand, rethink, conceptualize, organize and otherwise analyze the who, what, when, where, how, and why of a situation. Understanding things can allow new perspectives of the ways that everything and everyone fits in to the grand scheme of things.

There is nothing wrong with being traditional. A great path is to pursue change in a diligent responsible way so that there are no radical mistakes that set up new problems. The invitation is to learn and study and change what all agree to change.

The way to acknowledge the invitation is to create a Titled Dialogue page outlining the premise of your title so others can submit new dialogues or dialogue responses to enhance or counter the initial dialogue. Brevity and clarity of thought are paramount.

There are so many variables that we need to triage thought somewhat and group areas that need action. Pivotal to this effort will be the avoidance of blame because the evolution of what now exists is not easily assignable as participants over the years were acting in response to implementation of the best of limited options and we need not waste more money that does not help current citizens.

Participation is invited to both create and respond to the ideas that are needed to bring change that can impact the lives of those individuals (and their families) who live or work in prison and/or those who are influenced by the shortage of government funds because of the money being spent on prisons.

Responses submitted to me are invited in a particular format to make certain that the responses are similar enough to be easily compared and organized. I hope to be able to publish responses in sufficient numbers to help make a difference.

The desired format is a single Page Configuration >150 words <220 Words, in a 6 x9 book format with all .5 margins, Title Font 20 Pt. Times New Roman, Body Font 14 Pt. Times New Roman. Adherence to the desired format will go a long way to simplify the process for me. Thank You.