Prison Books

All of the following available on and most also on Kindle:

1. Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 4: Angels, Addicts, Alcoholics & Prisoners – Oh Yeah!
2. Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 5: Prisoners Caring for Alcoholics – Australia In Miniature Projects Intro
3. Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 6: Prisoners Caring for Addicts – Australia In Miniature For Addicts
4. Prison Jobs Now: Providing Care For Addicts And Alcoholics
5. Angel Raphael Speaks – Prisons (A Kindle only book -2013)
6. Contained Care Communities: Concept
7. Australia In Miniature
8. Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Concept
9. Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 2 Dialogues
10. Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 3 Dialogues
11. Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 4 Dialogues
12. Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 5 Dialogues
13. Prison Possibilities Voluntary Exile: Concept
14. Prison Possibilities Correction Coaches: Concept
15. Prison Possibilities for Mexicans: Is A Boat Better than A Wall?
16. Prison Possibilities Family Time: A Reason to Thrive!
17. Prison Genius Pool: “So Much Genius In Jail.”
18. Prison Possibilities Access Systems: Prisoner Access by Request
19. Prisoner’s Lawyers Can Save The American Economy: Make A Buck Doing It & Be Thanked!
20. Prisoner Family Talks, Days, Stays & Vacations: Connecting Helps Healing
21. Prisoner Writing Projects: Write To Heal, Start Over & Reconnect
22. Prison Cell Clearing & Blessing: Clear Entities, Chase Ghosts, and & Create Sacred Space
23. Prisoner Professors: Show You Are Aware Create Change With Care
24. Prison Reiki? Maybe Someday? A Gateway To Help Heal Prisons & America?
25. Judges and An Angel Rule On Possibilities: We Can Cut Sentences & Prison Costs
26. Ideas For Prison Wardens: Leadership Is Not Easy
27. Solitary Community: Could Community Support Cut Costs and Issues?
28. Prisoner Projects Communication Teams: Communications Can Change Lives
29. Motivating & Empowering Prisoners? Invite Prisoners To Find Their Motivation & Their Future
30. Prison Segmentation for Safety, Sanity, Security, Peace &
31. Prison Segmentation for Security
32. Dowsing for Prisoners; Answers from Above
33. Ex-Prisoner Possibilities With Real Estate Investors
34. Prison Segmentation For Mental Peace
35. Prison Segmentation For Joint Ventures
36. Prison Segmentation For Startup Ideas
37.Prison Segmentation For Your Rehabilitation: R U Ready?
38. Prison Segmentation For Family Villages
39. Prison Segmentation For Senior Prisoners
40. Prison Segmentation For Coaching Clubs
41. Prison Segmentation For Miracles
42. Prison Segmentation For A Prison Game Show
43. Prison Segmentation For Spousal Support
44. Prison Segmentation For Exit Contracts
45. Prison Segmentation For Sentence Segments
46. Penitentiary Edition Angel Raphael Speaks
47. Prison Segmentation For Angel Raphael Speaks
48. Prison Segmentation For Lifer Purpose Plan
49. Prison Segmentation For Prisoner Guards Share Freedoms
50. Prison Prayer Book: Every Prayer Counts
51. Prison Segmentation For Defense Support
52. Prison Segmentation For Waiver Design
53. Prison Segmentation For A Job Fair
54. Prison Segmentation For Sound Healing Drug Alternative
55. Prison Segmentation For Pre-Trial Laptop Workers
56. Answer To Sentencing
57. Prison Segmentation For Spiral Path Circuits
58. Prison Segmentation For Video Messages
59. Prison Segmentation For Premium Prison
60. The 60th Book of Prison Hope
61. Prison Segmentation For Inner-City Teacher Advisors
62. A Million Less Prisoners Please
63. Prison Segmentation For Prison Tourism
64. Political Prison Proposals Poll Putts