Prayer Suggestions For Police, Fire, Ambulance, Paramedics, Medical Practitioners, Emergency Service Workers, and Correction Officers

Prayer Suggestion

{From Chapter 15 in Emergency Medical Kindness In The Cradle of Liberty: Big City – Cracked Bell}


God Almighty

I/We recognize you as the source of all good, all healing, all wholeness, all wellness and all support for your offspring in all matters.

I/We unify with your Divine Will and strive to serve your children in all their needs with the same dignity and respect that you do. We appreciate your direction, guidance, and protection as we go out to love and nurture all your people in their time of need.

 I/We claim our highest skilled functioning under your guidance and our ability to hear the things to do, the words to say and the seeds to plant. I/We claim the healings we will see today are now optimized as this claim is declared and we claim all this or better now.

I/We accept that the optimized care of those in need is started, increased and fulfilled now.

I/we offer my/our sincere Thanks to you Dear God AND SO IT IS!