Personal Power Declarations

I Can Choose Joy

I Can Be The Authority In My Life, Who I Was Created To Be!

I Can Claim My Power Easily And Quickly!

I Can Fulfill the Mission Of My Soul In This Lifetime!

I Am A Chip Off The Block of God!

I Was Birthed Into the Physical World For A Divine Purpose!


I Can Release Negativity

Worry Is a Waste of Time! I Can Stop doing It!  It Doesn’t Help – Prayer Still Does!

Fear Is an Invitation From the Dark Side!  I Can Stop Being Fearful!

Hate is Toxic Self-Administered Poison!  Hate For Others May Be Personal or referred! Bad Either Way. I Can Stop doing It!

I Only Need To Fear The Loss of God – Not God!

The Path Out of Darkness Is An Invitation – Lord Be With Me!


I Can Be Concerned And Stay Positive

I Can Be The Rock For Others To Lean On

I Can Help Others Own Their Authority, Own Their Responsibilities and Be At Peace

I Can Help Guide Wise Choices

I Can Help Others Be Congruent  with Themselves

I Can Help Mitigate Emotional Stress