1-9 Generic non-induced Happiness is selfless.

It is an automatic manifestation resulting from an alignment with the highest and best possibilities that exist for us. When we reach euphoria, there can be a viral dynamic of good that flows in to the world.  The spreading of the good of the God Most High is worthy of the time of all the peoples of the world. As you nurture others, you nurture your own perception of self and bless yourself in the process.


1-8 Attract Happiness

Have you ever noticed that the world we live in changes when the end of the year and the holidays are approaching.  We start to hear happy songs, think happy thoughts, and remember happy stories from years past. Our focus is on happiness and we attract more of that.

May you determine for yourself that you have an internal GPS device that can be set on true Happiness every day throughout your life. While that does not determine that there will be no inconveniencies, problems or pain in your life, it does establish your default position when your internal auto-pilot is activated.

If your natural GPS stays set on Happiness then you can automatically avoid many of the pitfalls that others might have to endure.

1-7 The Answer to Misery is Love.

Even when one is least able to have something to give, there is the power of a thought that says – I want to give.  For giving and receiving are one when the heart of the giver is a heart that asketh nothing in return.

When one acts to support a person who has been knocked off balance, there is no expectation that they will follow you until you are knocked off balance so that the favor can be returned.  So we see that the power of one kind act can save tremendous agony in the world without a measurable debt being recorded.

So fret not about it but be ready, willing and able to offer those small acts of kindness to many people in the world. Many small acts help to send viral love and peace throughout the world.

1-6 Broadening of the Mental Constructs sans Profit Motive

As with the technical breakthroughs of the past, the broadening of the mental constructs sans profit motive allows manifestation with profits not only for the dreamer and visionaries but also for the average Mom and Pop in the average villages of the common nations of the world who had no thought about it (anything) except to notice that it is right to do and following the knowing.

The expression of wisdom as -What comes around, goes around – is still sound. For as we all plant in the fields, so shall we reap but so many are now planting fear and have no interest in the bumper crop that generates from the viral pollution created by the amplification of that vibration.


1-5 The People Are The Answer

The people of your country and the peoples of other countries are the answers for your communities. The Creator has provided the intelligence needed to get the nations of the world moving but there are obstacles to overcome and that will not happen if everybody sits and waits for bureaucrats to adopt managerial expertise.

There needs to be many bilateral independent actions which are progressive though probably not revolutionary. The answer to make profit should be sought not as a primary goal but as a byproduct of doing the small things that are right to do regardless of whether anybody is watching, keeping score or offering a tax break.

The awareness of the quality of life is inclusive of the amplification of the voices whose message is that the higher calling, vibration, harmonic and intensity are invitations to reach new levels of possibility for the highest good of the whole universe.

1-4 Government Is Not The Answer

The government is not the answer. In America, the government is part of the problem but your country is not alone. The governments of the world are a mess.

More government may seem like what is needed. The exact opposite of that may be the true option. Know there are no absolutes here where one rule applies to the many different nations of the world because the balance is different and so is to be the counter-balance.


1-3 The Light Is Everything

As you know, The Light is Everything because it carries the possibilities for the thoughts of all the greats of all the nations. While your role may seem significant and heavy with responsibility, you are not to feel heaviness about participation as there are others that are also working to form a grid of light distribution that helps to further thoughts that promote goodness.

The grid can rewire itself and redirect when you need downtime to deal with your human needs. Your participation is invited and appreciated but it is not required as you like all children of the Creator are blessed with free will.

Your guidance tools will answer the simple questions fast so that you can participate at a level that is comfortable. The question blitz that both stimulates and scares you is much more easily manageable by you than it seems. You are not to feel obligated to answer everything or ask along the lines of what comes to you.  The fields of thought that are open can be accessed as you are drawn into them by your experience of the needs of the many.

We have begun and you are exhausted so we will stop.

The future will be about hope for the people of the world.

1-2 Messages of Hope

You have been called to write because there are messages of hope that are needed by the people of the world and you have the gift that can help them understand because you are a vocabulary filter that allows a good interpretation of the word energy flowing to you.

Do not allow the shadows of contrast in your life to obstruct your service to the people and the light that you carry. As you like to say in Reiki that you are the UPS man of God’s love, you here are the messenger of Divine messages that may or may not make sense to you as you know already still.

You are having a human experience and could easily allow that to cast doubt on your quality of message receipt. Be not concerned for missteps by you will not be significant enough to offset the balance of good. All thoughts of doubt should be seen as strategic efforts by the enemy to stifle the flow of light to the world.

1-1 The Dialogue Begins

Dear Mike – Lidia has done the job of reconnecting us and now it is important that you keep the dialogue going.

Meditation has not been your tool but that can change and it will. I want you to connect with me at least five times a week in any way that you like and we will start the process. You can feel seeming wonders when you are in flow and do not impede yourself.

Ah Mike you lost the information but in reality that was planned because you need to go through the Lidia Channel and my intro again.