AAAAAAA 9 – Your Spiritual Team – Angels

It seems that many people who believe in Angels may not really understand how they can be used.
I grew up Catholic which is a religion that talks a lot about Angels. While I am no longer Catholic, I still believe in angels more now than when I belonged to the faith.
I am not suggesting that any one belief system is better than another. I am actually grateful to Catholicism for many things.
I believe in angels but have no issue if others do not. Beliefs can hurt some people and help others. Different people use religious writings for direction even when they do not actually believe in the interpretation shared with them.
My writings are in no way absolute and are offered for your discernment in your present circumstance. My goal is to facilitate understanding and healing.

We can become our beliefs and benefit because of them and/or suffer because of them. I invite all readers to be gentle in the application of their beliefs.

Angels Must Be Asked/Invited
God will intercede and orchestrate at times but I believe God will always honor your free will. Angels even more so, need to be asked. Please do not be confused when hearing Angel stories because sometimes is seems that even reactive requests are enough to get Angel help even if one does not remember asking.