AAAAAAA 10 – Asking The Angels for Help

Inviting The Angels Into Your Life

Learn about Angels

Learning about angels can be done through search engines, book research and other ways so you know the name of an Angel you might like to invite.

Angels of Function

Another way to invite Angels is to Ask For the Angel of a Particular function that you need help with.
-If you ask for the Angel Of Healing, Angel Raphael may appear.
-If you ask for the Angel Of Communication, Angel Gabriel may appear.
-If you ask for the Angel Of Protection, Angel Michael may appear.
-Of course, you can get many more Angels thaN you expect so do not be surprised.

A Particular Angel For You

You can pick a particular Angel who comes in to your awareness, read up on the Angel, Work with that Anel as long as you wish and then move on. You could even ask to work with the Angel around someone else in your life.
Complicated Situations

Make a general Angel Request for complicated situations and then add support:
– Crystals, Gems, Minerals and Sacred Objects of many kinds can be linked in to your Angel Requests.

– Images of Angels can be intensified for yourself or your space by adding Lighting and/or Multiple Mirrors to be surrounded by Angel Images.

– Sacred space can be created when communicating with Angels and that space can maintain blessings, prayer and
intention energy for future uses that will expedite your intention and accelerate the requests. Sacred space can also act to sustain images of family, friends, other loved and prayer chain candidates from the community by leaving images and prayer requests in the space when you leave.

– Flowers, plants, wreaths, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and other flowering life can help hold energy when requested in prayer and intention.

– Angel statues and figurines are a natural choice to bring angelic Awareness to the everyday challenges.

– Bells and chimes can trigger sacred spiritual memories. Remember “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets his wings!” Bell and chimes can also be intentioned in to cleansing ritual of your own design.

– Sun Catchers can be blessed by intention with the cleansing functions of light and love,