AAAAAAA 8 – Your Spiritual Team Leader – God

If you have time to worry, you can pray to God. You can wisely choose to take that time and use it to create a prayer that will bring you peace in your heart. The practice of prayer is a bi-directional move that scores value in two directions at the same time, thereby doubling the return on your time investment. Prayer adds Hope and reduces stress.

Prayer is not as well understood as many people think. All too often, the need for prayer is met with a scripted response that is akin to using a city map to find the general direction within a neighborhood instead of using a more productive local map that helps you get exactly where you are going quickly.

Worry is the opposite of prayer. It is a double negative that takes a bad situation and makes it much worse. Worry accelerates negativity and it takes no time to have a reaction that is very devastating and lasts a long time. Besides the absence of positive results, Worry can contribute to the biggest issue in health care that so many complain about now, Stress. (A resource is

Stress in and of itself can stifle the positivity of the natural joy that is available to all of us as our birthright. And so the spiral of negativity can continue to accelerate again as one avoids the simple paths to problem resolution.

If you do not know how to pray beneficially, that is ok as I have dedicated a whole website to it called