AAAAAAA 6 – Resource Limitations

Acute medical situations can demand the use of tremendous community resources and the government has an interest in supporting reasonable accommodations for care and treatment.
Resources for Drug and Alcohol treatments do not seem to be as prevalent. I have heard many stories of folks trying without success to get in to programs.

Medical insurance seems to be heavily oriented to physically diagnosable medical conditions which can be treated with standard care regimens. Since medical insurance is traditionally heavily subsidized or organized through employers, there seems to be a preponderance of focus on Physical Nurture/Support.

The other three areas that need support (Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) have various integration connections that seem to not integrate completely in a whole Care Plan that is interconnected.
Various insurance plans can be made available to support varying interests but those plans are subject to sponsorship priorities and funding capabilities.

Generally speaking the Allopathic Medical Community does recommendations well for third party involvement but expects the Insured and Insurers to find and fund the needs for Emotional, Mental and Spiritual support.

If You, or a loved one, need care and lack sufficient insurance then you have a lot of work to do. Every community is different and while many have some help available, it takes effort to find resources and join programs.

It will not help to wait and see what happens, effort should start immediately to see what town, city state and national programs are available where you live. Please do not ask one resource and give up.

Please contact churches, community groups, websites, charities and especially the Ministers/Rabbis/Priests/Leaders and Social workers of your community and other communities where you live and work. Bigger cities are likely to have more programs.
Connect with every local and state agency.

For the rest of this book, I will focus on the spiritual side of things as that is an area to which I can contribute.