AAAAAAA 5 – Looking for Help

I encourage all who need care to seek the qualified professionals in the specialty that they need. This would include all of the Allopathic Care System which I feel should include a general practitioner to advise them about the system in general and the supporting systems and services. The general practitioner is the objective overseer who can integrate the awareness needed to diligent supervise an objective care plan.

While I encourage allopathy, I also encourage everybody to deal with their total human experience as I mentioned earlier. While risking the label of being a broken record/tape/CD/DVD, each of us needs support in four areas of our life.

Your personal responsibility to deal with your whole life is a Major Important Factor in Your Healing. Please do not surrender all you power to the medical system that is controlled by a democratic political process that dictates the standards for those that are allowed to help you up to the level of political correctness that is mutually agreed.

The professionals in the care communities operate under a deliberate and professional compliance requirement that constricts their performance according to established protocols. Make no mistake, this is totally necessary but also constrictive.

Whether you believe it or not, you can contribute valuable information about your body and how you feel that can help fine tune decisive actions. Please communicate, collaborate, share info and succeed in your care.