AAAAAAA 4 – Illusion, Confusion and Clarity

Even after making a list of what is good and bad in your life, it can still be very hard to weigh the values of steps that can be taken and how each step can integrate or impede the other steps.

Alcoholics and Addicts can frequently be in an altered state when chemicals are in their system that impede clear thinking. It is wise to track your usage and volume of intoxicants and other focus inhibitors because keeping track by itself may show you the path of least resistance to the answers that may benefit you.

Perhaps the easiest way to find clarity is to wait until substances have cleared your system and any mental fog has lifted. With a clear head, you can process your questions of all situations in a very expedient manner.

Many people with medical conditions of all kinds can have ongoing medication requirements that require treatment with medications for pain that keep their pain and disease process in a steady state of medication that can make it difficult to measure the effects.

Family members can be helpful by being the observers and reporters of things that the medical community may not be able to determine without their diligent assistance. While this may seem like an unfair imposition on the families in some circumstances, the value of the information to the healing of their family member may be tremendous.

To understand the importance of information to the medical community, I will go off topic a minute to suggest a practical understanding of the care possibilities. Many people presume that the doctors are in charge of the care of all who are sick.

While that is partially true, please understand that all who seek wellness need four types of support. They need Physical Support, Emotional Support, Mental Support and Spiritual Support. I have also written a book about that called Four Parts to Healing.                 

Family members who are attentive can really help the whole healing situation by tracking Experiences, Reactions, Food Sensitivities, Medication reactions and all alarming circumstances that come up during convalescent or rehabilitation care. Please feel free to ask the care team for advice on every aspect of care that needs to be clarified.

Negotiation with doctors has helped me with my ailments and it may well help you if you try it. As discussion continues there is an understanding that follows and creates a fertile field for idea growth that may have been untilled by both parties.

Even with a clear head, many circumstances can be confusing. I have been writing with healing ideas to get clarification for some time and find that overworking efforts mentally can be totally frustrating. I would encourage readers to use their spiritual guidance resources and/or develop new ways to find clarity.