AAAAAAA 3 – Emotional Balance Can be Elusive

Sometimes we can convince ourselves that all is well when nothing really is. We may act as if things are good, the proverbial “Fake It Until You Make It” so that we try to convince ourselves that everything is OK while the turmoil continues to boil beneath the surface.

As one struggles for survival and balance, there becomes a single focus of fulfilling their own needs and ignoring the community at large. While not helpful, this focus draws one away from the very people who could help.

It seems that everything in life is about balance and it can be difficult to even know what the goal should be for oneself. A perspective that is often shared is about how simple everything is but that had a way of infuriating me. When used, it is the perspective of the one who has already arrived at a destination and is not the view of the one who is struggling with the issues and directions on the way to a goal or in need of a healing.

The word struggle itself can be tiring. I invite you to release every struggle and settle yourself. The process of releasing is helpful in the diffusion of the energy that is blocking the progress that you are seeking.

A good place to start is merely to do a listing of all that is bad in your life and another list of all that is good.  You could then order the lists so that you create your own road map.  The lists can be ordered as least first or worst first whichever makes more sense to you. Then work with your priorities.