AAAAAAA 14 – Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual connectivity can be multi-dimensional. All spirits that you may encounter may not be beneficial and some may be downright dangerous.

Just because a being exists in the spiritual realm does not mean that being is sent on a Divine Mission. Some spirits that pass over may be no more enlightened than they were when they walked the earth.

Dark Messages

I would encourage a little testing to determine the motivation of all spiritual beings with whom you are not aware or wonder about. A simple test I use is to look for the love. God and the Angels of Light are very loving and while they may sometimes invite you to be cautious or deliberate, they do not use fear as a motivator.

Ministerial Cautions

Now this can be a little difficult because there are ministers who still teach about Hell, Fire and Damnation and try to use fear as a motivator. The efficacy of that can be questioned and I would encourage those questions.

As a child, there was a phrase that many people of the cloth would use that caused me chaos. They would frequently speak of one who passed over with the words “He was a God Fearing Man” and they intended that as a compliment. A huge part of me would say “Who would ever want to be a God Fearing Man? Surely not me. I am a God Loving Man and always will be.” That was part of my struggle to understand. If anybody asked me today about fearing God, I would say Fear Not God. Fear Only the Loss of Your Connection to God. Talking to God is real helpful as it creates a space for guidance, understanding and rethinking.

I also remember reading about the Holy Wars and failed to understand how both sides could be doing things that the Bible forbad in the Name of God and the Bible. How did either participant interpret “Thou Shalt Not Kill” as permission to do that in the Name of God?

We can become our beliefs and suffer because of them. I invite all readers to be gentle in the application of their beliefs and continue to talk to God and listen in the silence for answers, perspectives, guidance, peace and patience.