AAAAAAA 12- The Heart Chakra Alignment

The Heart (4th) Chakra (Sanskrit Name – Anahata) Bridges the connectivity between the three Upper Chakras (Sanskrit Names: Sahasrara (7th), Ajna (6th),Vishuddha (5th)), which are the Spiritual Chakras and the three Lower Chakras (Manipura (3rd), Svadhisthana (2nd), Muladhara(1st)

It is the blending place of physical energy of the physical world and the subtle energy of the spiritual world.

I invite you to ponder the heart chakra as a great unknown for both the science and spiritual communities because there are no absolutes that can ascertain precisely anything that human intelligence really wants to

know. And while you are pondering, I invite you to speaks to the Angels and The Creator of All that is in a way that allows you to be open to revelations that you might find new and exciting.

The Heart Chakra Mudra

A technique by this name that I have used for many years but at the moment, I cannot find an online reference to it. It involves touching the tip of the index finger on either or both hands to the tip of the thumb on the same hand. This helps me make an Angelic connection for communication. I invite you to try it.