AAAAAAA 1 – Why I Am Writing This Book

The prospects, for many citizens of the World are quite bleak because it seems that common sense is becoming less than common. No, I am not making fun of a serious issue but I would like to highlight the fact that we could be less literal in listening to the messengers that we hear.

It seems that so many people are always in fear and they can become paralyzed by ideas that scare them. I like to share a practical perspective that can help a lot of these folks because what they pay attention to will increase in their lives.

People in fear, worry and that can act to intensify the fear and the negativity they feel. I have heard worry described as a prayer for something that you do not want.

Metaphysically that makes perfect sense because as you focus on worry, fear increases in your life and so also does the possibility of you messing up and attracting more negativity that will not be welcome. For example, focusing on your nightmares can bring day-mares and that would not be good motivation.

Improvement in every situation is possible if you think logically, suspend the worry, settle down and allow the anxiousness to disperse. Further improvement can be had by replacing negativity with positive influence.

My goal here is to help pour a foundation that can give everybody a perspective that can help with the logic that can bring some clarity, minimize concerns and allow the changes that at times may have seemed impossible.