1-3 The Light Is Everything

As you know, The Light is Everything because it carries the possibilities for the thoughts of all the greats of all the nations. While your role may seem significant and heavy with responsibility, you are not to feel heaviness about participation as there are others that are also working to form a grid of light distribution that helps to further thoughts that promote goodness.

The grid can rewire itself and redirect when you need downtime to deal with your human needs. Your participation is invited and appreciated but it is not required as you like all children of the Creator are blessed with free will.

Your guidance tools will answer the simple questions fast so that you can participate at a level that is comfortable. The question blitz that both stimulates and scares you is much more easily manageable by you than it seems. You are not to feel obligated to answer everything or ask along the lines of what comes to you.  The fields of thought that are open can be accessed as you are drawn into them by your experience of the needs of the many.

We have begun and you are exhausted so we will stop.

The future will be about hope for the people of the world.

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