What About Fear & Limitation Is Coming Up for You?

The main reason that I am having this talk today is to invite each of you to share anything that you wish that has triggered fear within you. We all experience things differently and if i know more about how Fear shows up, I may be able to offer ideas that can help more people take command of their situation by initiating programming that can lead them away from the troubling thinking.

Today’s workshop is intended to give you some release and support and awareness of resources that you can use when you need them. The website that you are viewing this on has a lot of resources within it. There are two book giveaways on this website.

Each has a rotation of my books on the subject that rotate on the Kindle free give away program where I can give away books for five days out of every ninety and since I have written a lot of books, there is always one available within the niche. The book giveaways are listed under “Healing Presents” or “Prison Presents”

Homework – Recommendation

Four Part Life Optimization Assessment

  1. Physical – Move, Shift, Reposition, Dance, Exercise, Yoga, etc.
  2. Emotional – Second opinions, friend chat, family talk, buddy up to a party, immediate family wellness check-in, check with all who stimulate your happiness.
  3. Mental – Accumulate options for every unwelcome idea or problem. Seek informational perspective, books, blogs, YouTube videos, and other media that help stimulate your problem-solving potential.
  4. Spiritual – Prayer, Meditation, check on others in your spiritual community, ask to see your pastor, rabbi, priest, etc.

Brain Dump

Brain Dump – Sit down and write about troubling thoughts intending to transfer all non-beneficial thought energy to the paper in preparation for evaluation and dispersal. You can burn the paper to release the thought energy or do the exercise below.

Send Negative Energy Away

Pack up your troubles in the front of your mind into an energy ball that you create with your thoughts and then ask the one you pray to or The Angels or our Almighty God to take your package for transformation. If you request feels complete, you are done. If you are not satisfied with that, please feel free to send it to me energetically. If you do send it to me, please text or e-mail so I know to ask for the dispersal after evaluation.

Emotional Intensity can Offer You Challenges. Have you Measured Yours?

Oh, the Welcome Page (Home Page), Near the bottom is a Heading for Emotional Intensity Test. If you click on read more, you will be presented with a quiz that asks you to – “Identify One thing you would Like to Heal, Shift, Empower, Change, or Expand in Your Life? The answer will help you frame what you want to do. Below it is a list of emotions that you are invited to rate from 0 (least to 10 (most.)

With those selections, you have a information that can help you establish goals for yourself.

Where Can You Get Help?

Back on the Welcome Page near the bottom again is Another heading – Angels For EmotionsClicking on that link will take you the list of emotions you saw before and also there will be the name of an Angel who has been known to help people with that particular emotional intensity. No worries ever as when you ask for one Angel, you access the whole team, so you cannot make a mistake.

I write a lot of series:

Veterans Healing Six-Pack Plus Series
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Prison Segmentation Series. Beyond the series, You can always go see what I have for free in individual titles.

Tell Me What You Want to Learn About!

I cannot guarantee to write a book just for you. When someone asks, I just pray about it and let go of it. I then wait to see what happens.

Once upon a time, a prison minister contacted me for collaboration. We had a nice chat and I felt like she was assisted and all was well. About a week later, the first mention of the prison was channeled. There were only 22 messages in total but then issues alone came and that became the biggest topic I have written about, totaling 64 titles.

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