Your PPDS M Codes

PPDS Message Codes?

Communication seems to be such a challenge for prisoners and their families so I wanted to float an idea about sending brief publicly available message codes to expedite a simple note.

  • A= all                       A2= and                   A3=as                      A4= ARE
  • B= be                       B2= best                 B3= but
  • C= can                      C2= could
  • D= do                       D2= dear               D3=did
  • E= I love my spouse
  • F= for                        F2=find
  • G= good
  • H= hi                        H2=have               H3=how
  • I=I                             I2=if                       I3=it
  • J=just
  • K=know
  • L= let                        L2=location              L3=last
  • M= my                     M2=maybe
  • N= no                       N2=not                    N3=need
  • O=Ok
  • P= please                 P2=page
  • Q=I love my child/children
  • R=rent                      R2=re
  • S= so                         S2=she
  • T= the                       T2=thank               T3=thanks
  • U=you
  • V=very
  • W= we                      W2=what               W3=when
  • X=thinking of you
  • Y=you                       Y2=yes
  • $=money
  • !=important
  • @= a location
  • #=number
  • %=percentage
  • &=and


“E Q H3 A4 U” = “I love my spouse, I love My Children. How are you”

“I N3 $” I need money”

Comments and code suggestions invited. Thanks.