Your Significance

1.    Have you reached the point in your life where you realize that you are significant to the divine plan?
2.    Do you understand that you are here for a divine purpose?
3.    Do you understand that your path is one of service?
4.    Do you know what your service might be?
5.    Do you know who your service might serve?
6.     Are there ideas that keep coming up with no connection to anything?
7.    Are you willing to participate?
8.    Do you feel a need to talk about these feelings?
9.    Do you have questions?
10.     Do you feel that you are to participate at a certain level or way?
11.     Do you feel that you are to communicate at a certain level or way?
12.     Why do you think you are here?
13.      Do you feel a need for more strength in order to do your calling?
14.     Are you ready to be as significant as your calling?

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