Veterans have served their  Country in many ways and the general public does not fully understand the complexity of the issues that concern them and their families.

Veterans and their family members are invited to submit comments and articles for consideration as future content for publication.

Veterans are asked to use this media in a positive way that includes suggestions for others to consider.

Messages for Veterans are scattered throughout the Angel Raphael Speaks messages and there is also a Small Single Topic Message set on kindle called Angel Raphael Speaks Veterans. The single Topic Message Set is also included in the Paperback and Kindle Books Titled Angel Raphael Speaks Volume One: Take Courage! God Has Healing in Store For You!


 Veterans Healing Books Six Pack

  1. Trauma Healing Options for VA Hospitals: Help for Veterans to Own Their Healing and their future.
  2. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Help to Start Healing
  3. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Empowerment
  4. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Forgiveness
  5. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Thought Freedom
  6. Tea For Veterans: Welcome One Home

 PTSD Book Power Pack:

  1. The PTSD Project: Turn Pain To Power
  2. PTSD & Soul Retrieval: Putting One Back Together
  3. PTSD & The Purple PAD: Calling all Scientists and PTSD Patients

Salute To Philadelphia VA Medical Center: Thank You

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  1. Fleurimond

    My son will be leaving for the Army next month, and my ftaher has served 30 years in the Army as well. I got your 6 all the way. Am proud to be an American daughter and now Mom.

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