The Future

A key to finding a joyful future is to begin to look for the way to build one.  First take the willingness to dream, assess and build towards new ideas that can solve problems, save money and build lives.

New Ideas can be difficult to nurture but they are well worth the effort. Imagine if Franklin had not invented electricity or Edison never invented the light bulb.

Where would the quality of our lives be if Bell had not invented the telephone and started that whole race to be in constant communication with everybody.

For many years there was a General Electric Carousal of Progress that started I believe at a World’s Fair and was last seen at Walt Disney World. This attraction showed the incremental changes in lifestyle that comes from free thinking and belief that the world can be made into a better place.

The future still exists off on new horizons that are yet to be dreamt. Perhaps you are the genius that will make teleportation a practical part of future distribution systems.

Consider being real and diligent with the responsibilities that are needed by the world today and then dream about all that can be. The dreamer is the farmer of the future who starts with the seed of an idea and then creates an environment where a more wonderful future can grow for all.

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