The Depression Epidemic

The nations of the world are crammed full of stories about the effects of despair and depression from within their populations. The faces of the afflicted utter their words in many languages but the negativity is the same.

It is like individuals are shown the abundance that is available and then have their noses rubbed in the fact that they are not included in the communities that have it all. It is as if there is a conspiracy to depress people.

Well the impact is the same whether intended or not, the power structure and authority systems market agendas in a way that has collateral damage. The sizzle that is sold on TV is not always about steak.

Sex, Violence and Drugs are commodities that are promoted by the media and each of these has contraindications. Our entertainment industry builds on the acceptability of these pastimes and promotes their acceptance.

You live in a world full of negatives and expect to have positive experiences on a regular basis. Consider for a moment whether you would welcome a meal prepared in a negative filthy environment.  If not a meal, then why a life?

The antidote for depression is community building, inclusiveness and purpose. Your community can benefit from creative applications that heal the needs of your people and plant the seeds for the future of a society in which all will be proud to live. If you are reading this message, the answers are within already and the people await your genius. Shine your light soon.

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