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Skin Color

Much is said about the color of ones’ skin and the attributes of the one contained therein. This dialogue is a waste of time because all different types of packages can contain the qualities of the humans with whom you seek to associate.

When you choose to limit your exposure to only some of the people potential that comes across your path in life, you are limiting the good that you are allowing into your life. There is not effort or risk required for you to be courteous and polite to all and that little bit of openness can be enough to make you approachable by ones far greater than yourself.

None of the walkers on earth realize the potential of the people they meet because the power is only there when it is offered freely to those that seem receptive to the gifts of the giver. When you embrace yourself in the role of the giver of joy, you also can be the miner of the pure golden possibilities from all the peoples of all the lands and you bless them all in the process.

Fear not for a major risk of life is not living it. Dare to care and share about all you understand and when you do not understand , ask enough questions to share your care. Ignorance is not bliss, it is isolation.

Your interest in others will be rewarded beyond all reasonable expectations because the vitality of life comes not from the boredom of the known but from the joy of the many gifts that come from opening to the abundance in life that lives in the hearts of those that seem different but actually vibrate to the same core harmonic that you do not understand about yourself but know when you feel it in others. God makes great people, enjoy them and you will enjoy yourself along the way.