In Early May, 2013, Reverend Mike Wanner was contacted by a friend, student and teacher and was told that she wanted to channel for him.  In total confidence with the caller, Rev. Mike said of course and the date and time were set.

Mar 4, 2013, the session was set. It proceeded beautifully and was very enlightening.  As the messages developed, there was a separate special invitation from Angel Raphael who was inviting Mike to connect on a regular basis every week.

After the session, Mike invited Angel Raphael to communicate and the series of messages started. Follow the progression of events and see the kind of developments that are possible.

The thrust of Reverend Mike’s life for the last twenty years has been about teaching and practicing healing energy work and his mission has been to reach the people. Angel Raphael is the Angel of Healing and the Invitation aligned very precisely with the work that Rev. Mike has been trying to do for years.

The message sets that come through are a great challenge for Mike to get right. There are followup discussions on the word selection and phrasing. Some things are easily adjusted for the comfort level or all and sometimes, Angel Raphael and his team insist on word structures that are unusual. Mike does not claim responsibility for the grammar as his focus is on meaning and one could easily loose meaning while trying to be grammatically correct.

Each reader is invited to the discussion table so they can share their views with Angel Raphael directly in a prayerful or meditative state. Angel Raphael seems to be responsive already to people who are in need on Angelic uplift.

Inviting the support of the Angels is a wise thing to do when your life may seem unbearable. You very well could be surprised by the answers that you get directly or indirectly from such an invitation.


Many ask about the channeling process and about private Sessions. I will discuss the process further below. Information on private sessions is under a separate tab on the Titles line above.

The Invocation – The invitation of the Angels
Greetings to the Archangels and Angels. I invite the highest and best channeling guides possible to come here now to assist in the guidance that is being sought.

The invitation is for you and 100,000 of your brother and sister angels to come surround us and uplift us,  Guide us and direct us and most of all protect us as we enter the spiritual realm of ever increasing potential.

I call on these high level guides and I invite _______ to take a deep breath with me as we open our hearts to all the angels. I specifically invite my guides which include Angels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel and Orion.

Answers to the Invocation

After the channel has initiated the invocation, there will be a response. Notice but be not concerned about the changes that may occur in the voice that comes through.  The channeled voice is aligned with the being coming through and is less like the one doing the channel.

The greeting will likely be a confirmation of who is coming through and will usual start with a cordial greeting. Perhaps something like: :                                                                                                                                                                  Hello beloved ones. We are grateful to hear from you this day as you expand your awareness to your further abilities to serve and understand at a deeper level than before. We notice that …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Named angels or angels of purpose may come through at any time. Listen and learn. Some angels you may hear often are:
•    Raphael – Healing
•    Michael – Protection
•    Gabriel  – Communication

Channeling Format

I set the intention to invite in the love, guidance and protection of my Archangel guides and I then connect with them.

Channeled spiritual guides will give you a personal message, which could be 2-15 minutes long.

You ask your questions. Please write them down in advance because once the energy begins you might forget what you were going to ask. Send them to me or have them in front of you on the call.
Question  1 – ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question 2 – ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question 3 – ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We offer thanks and gently release the presence of the spiritual guides and angels who gave your guidance and healing. I close the channel and end the session.


Besides the channeling session by itself, I have found that there are two additions that can help to round out the experience and balance the persons energy.

One is Emotional Healing work that I do by pulling out energy blockages from the energy fields and clearing out stuffed emotions and cellular memory. This can be done along with the channeling or separately.

Another option is Chakra Clearings that are aimed at opening the chakras to as near full open as possible allowing the energetic functioning of the body to be optimized.  This can be done along with the channeling or separately..

When you receive an energetic and emotional healing, your energy fields, chakras and your aura will be invited to be opened, harmonized and raised to their highest frequency according to your soul’s path.

Prepare for Emotional Healing

Please use the following format to prepare for the session-
Present or Constant Emotional Charge – Emotions check
Rate 1 ( Least ) to 10 ( worst ) any emotion that has caused you upset. You may skip any area.
•    Guilt                _____
•    Ability to trust         _____
•    Shame            _____
•    Threatened            _____
•    Overly responsible     _____
•    Heartache            _____
•    Betrayal             _____
•    Resentful            _____
•    Angry                _____
•    Stressed            _____
•    Powerless            _____
•    Fearful            _____

Chakra Clearing

Chakra clearing is accomplished in a prayer state using a pendulum to create first a reading of the chakra’s openness and then a willingness of the divine to open the chakra optimally and then an initialization of the request and the changes that are permissible.
___Solar Plexus
___Third-Eye                                                                                                                                         ___Crown
___Soul Star.


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