Private Angel Channeling

Angel Raphael Speaks is a series of free messages that are channeled through Reverend Mike Wanner for the Highest good and Highest Healing of all concerned.

Many questions arise about Reverend Mike doing private channeling and he does help with that at his site

Reverend Mike is available world-wide as a psychic channel, emotional release facilitator,
spiritual energy practitioner & teacher, and speaker.

He looks forward to meeting you soon!  215-342-1270

PRIVATE SPIRITUAL READING or Spiritual Healing Sessions: Telephone or in person
15 minutes $30    30 minutes: $60.00    45 minutes: $90.00  60 minutes: $100.00

Rev. Mike is available for private, one-on-one intuitive sessions with you, his Guide Family, and your Guides. He helps by offering clarity on emotional situations about your life, your purpose, your spirituality, and the release of stuffed emotions and cellular memory.

Connect to the love of your Guides today! Contact Rev. Mike for an appointment.

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Sessions available:

  • Spiritual Readings
  • Distant Reiki Healing
  • Distant Clearing of Stuffed Emotions
  • Distant Clearing of Cellular Memory
  • Distant Clearing of Energy Blockages
  • Distant Clearing of the Chakras


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