9 – Would Prisoners Surrender Citizenship For Freedom? [Dialogue 3 Example]


Prisoners are very expensive to our government and the money spent on their incarceration is not available for programs that benefit other citizens.

If there was a way for prisoners to give up U.S. Citizenship, void all entitlements from all US agencies, surrender their  birthrights forever, release Social Security from all or most of their entitlements and forever sever themselves from the United States in return for freedom from jail upon deportation, do you think they or you would go and be free?

Don’t pack your any because this is merely hypothetical but it would be great for the US if we were able to find a country that would be willing to open their doors to the most violent of our inmates. That would be a new version of England/Australia process and totally separate from the Australia in Miniature process that I wrote about. While this is hypothetical, US citizens who have dual citizenship somewhere may be in a better position than most to make this a reality.

If you are or know a prisoner who has family elsewhere in the world, consider all the values of the situation and ask those in a position to do so if they would initiate international political efforts to bargain in behalf of the prisoner. Every situation is different and success at this is unlikely but I invite you to consider all legal possibilities for freedom.