8 – What Rights Would a Prisoner Be Willing To Trade for What Benefits? [Dialogue 2 Example]

Prisoners have rights that are protected by the U. S. Constitution. Do you know all your rights? If you have someone dear in prison or jail, you may benefit them by learning what their rights are. There are even some rights before prison. Inmates have some rights to be free, from inhuman conditions that may be seen as “cruel and unusual” punishment.

The laws are old and complicated and I am not qualified to interpret them but therein I think may lie some need for updating or modernization. Yes, it seems that the Americans with Disabilities Act does apply but so do some highly restrictive narrow rules. Yes, they are entitled to adequate medical care also.

And the list goes on but the questions I ask is what laws could be changed to allow prisoners to permanently waive rights.

Releasing institutions from compliance with law is not allowed but changing laws to allow institutional freedom could allow prisoners to surrender their rights and prisons to save money and taxpayers to be taxed less.

The question flows from the original Angel Raphael Speaks Message.

“Prisoner Surrender of Rights

Those interested in any of the concepts shared could also consider surrendering of some rights to further the benefits to the governmental unit. ARS11”