6 – The Way to Start

Like all the books in my current prison series, this book will be  deliberately brief for a number of reasons. The intensity of the ideas and thought streams that are coming to me are interactive and there needs to be enough space to separate concepts so they can be considered.


Moving too fast will be problematic and shift to a complexity that does not serve anybody. Clarity is the goal and that is enhanced when the concept being considered is large enough to focus on but also small enough to not be lost in the process.


A large part of the complexity of looking at these areas is analogous to a tree, where eventually everything matters. When you have a sick branch, the tree will be eventually effected.


When you have a sick tree, the branches can be impacted much quicker because the nutrients for the branches flow through the tree to reach the branches. (This concept is shared for conceptualization only as I have no forestry experience but you can let me know if I am wrong. No worries.)


Using a house analogy, the foundation supports the walls that support the floor above and then the walls above progressively until the roof is finished but then we need to put of a roof so that the everything below is protected down to the foundation.


I have shared the tree trunk above and will bring up some example branches in the following chapters but then you will add more and more so the Reinvention of prisons blossoms.