7 – Prisoners Can Contribute and Evolve [Dialogue 1 Example]

Each facility has different rules about the rights and movements of Prisoners. I would encourage each prisoner to consider participation to the full extent of their interest, ability and freedom.

Knowing the rules is an important part of all things in which a person participates. Patience will serve prisoners well if they will wait until the time that comments are invited and to what degree participation is unmoderated.

Please know that prison staffs can be flexible like anybody else when the people they are interacting with act in a more peaceful way. I invite you to be aware of the way that other may perceive you.

Human nature is to be reciprocate appropriately so that respectful behavior is reciprocated with respectful behavior.  I invite you to realize that patience can serve you well over time.

Please pay attention and see what you can do that will make a difference in small ways. Little changes can add up over time and create new options for all participants.

I have been amazed at the fact that almost always someone will notice your changes and ask why. Why leads to further conversation and further understanding and the expansion of possibilities.