5 – Corrections Officers


Corrections Officers are the interaction representatives for the residents and the facility and to some degree they are at risk every minute of every day because they work in a real up front and personal way with the incarcerated. The risks at hand are real but there is also a sense of risk in the energy of the place where they do their job.

The place energy is absorbed from the people who have occupied the space and occupy it now. Every occupant has thought energy and a residue from all can remain and pollute or bless the space.

Every occupant can also change their negative thought energy to a positive energy and a residue from that positivity can remain and bless the space at the time of the thought and some or all who occupy it in the future.

I invite every corrections Officer and every resident to observe everything as it is better for you if you bring in every little shift of positive potential and release every bit of negative energy that you see. Consider that you are an energy sponge.

Sponges can be clean and nice or they can carry bacteria or a negative energy that is detrimental. You like the sponge can be refreshed and released through cleansing.

You may see abuses of many kinds and it is important for you to cleanse yourself of energies and memories that can drop your vibration. A simple prayer of invitation to the Divine can cause a shift quite quickly.

I would like for the day to come when you can be appreciated in the way that will increase your safety, your standing, your income and your potential to help the residents whom you serve. The energy interchange between you and the residents influences your personal peace in ways both understood and not.

The goal of all my writing is not to replace your jobs but enhance the position for all so that purpose and peace and respect are present on a consistent basis. I would like to see that prison populations diminish but not anyone’s job. Over time all fresh vacancies can be rebalanced somewhat as replacements are reduced somewhat. Ideally over time unexpected alliances can be inventive beyond anything suggested here.

That may sound contradictory but I would invite you to visualize an improved future whereby your status is not to fight with the residents but to help them develop the skills they need to be rehabilitated. If every corrections officer’ job is upgraded to a kind of resident enhancement representative. You could easily impact recidivism because your new skills have helped make it possible.

Improved working relationships can also save costs by reducing medical care and pain and suffering. Please consider writing about the changes that you would like to see. You can make yourself anonymous.