1 – What Is a Prison Dialogue Series

With this writing, I am starting a structured approach to fracture fear with a quite arbitrary format for a topic of depth that may be pivotal to the quality of life for generations to come.

Incarceration has become a problem for this nation and the intensity of the subject is almost impossible to understand.

Fear is a terrible thing and when it gets hold of the thought processes of many, it can create a far more dangerous monster of community fear.  Rampant insecurity stifles the expansiveness of thought that could create a platform of security for possibilities in secure nations.

When the nation most adept at fairness feels threatened then our ability to serve the greater good is stifled. Every time that fairness is stifled there is a concentration of possibilities that are delayed, postponed or eliminated.

This may sound insignificant in the greater scheme of things but we would be wise to take a bigger view. When we understand that little frustrations can also stifle the satisfaction of helping for those who start an effort, we begin to see that could cause less initiatives and less willing helpers.

Helping others is a simple pleasure of life that brings abundant satisfaction in a free society. Losing these precious opportunities is not helpful and causes a waste of that which we have precious little, time.

Reasonable people could step up and bring their genius to discussions of practicality and those who give permission could get published by me. Writers are cautioned that if I do not agree, I will not publish but I am looking for ideas that make sense for everybody. I know that I do not have the answers, my question is, DO YOU?

I encourage all readers to consider writing your own ideas about new incarceration models. Many who are reading could have much more impact than I and I encourage you to do that.

Realistically as I am writing, I know that I am over 70 and the likelihood of my ideas making a difference is remote. You, however, are likely younger and can make a serious impact.

Ask on High and follow the guidance. Those after us will be able to thrive better if we do our work now.

Please be bold and respectful and spread the ideas of possibility. I also encourage you to write separately in addition to or in place of anything that you share to or with me.

If you have the interest to help people, you can be successful. The goals here is to help a lot of families who have been impacted by many prison circumstances so that new options that are safer, fairer, kinder, gentler, and more efficient can serve our society.