4 – What Happens Next?


I will read responses and hope to be able to learn from what is submitted. Please consider sharing your expertise without any blame because pushing against others is usually less productive than teamwork.

Really important is specialty knowledge which may be helpful to reset parameters around sentencing guidelines and/or share ideas that may be buried somewhere in antiquated laws.

Trying to understand others and everything has been huge for me during my whole life. I am now able to listen and discern but I am one person and readers like you are needed to listen and discern also.

I lost my dad at age eleven so I empathize with the children of prisoners who feel the loss of their dad like I did. Children of prisoners have an additional loss as they have an association which complicates their lives.

They deserve to be embraced in this concept so that they can get some quality ideas offered to help simplify their challenges. They have not been sentenced directly but their lives are impacted by the system.