11 – Sentence Start Hotel Delay Options [Dialogue 5 Example]

I have written another book about Contained Care Communities and this may be similar to one or more of those options but I wanted to include it because incarceration is a radical change for new residents. Every effort should be made to save the taxpayers money and avoid the exposure of convicted persons to career criminals for as long as possible if it is at all possible.

Like many things that I write, subtle shifts can derail obvious events if deliberate efforts are strategically initiated to create reasonable accommodations for practical reasons that benefit all participants. Here I suggest that there could be secure private accommodations after conviction and before sentencing that could allow for multiple options that might be submitted to the court.

In the other book, A key component in the above is to provide for increased rehabilitation that could:

  1. Decrease cost to the taxpayers of the cost of confinement.
  2. Increase the efficiency by allowing for technology.
  3. Freeing Up Court agendas to the degree that efficiency adds.
  4. Jail Only those who need to be there.
  5. Save transportation costs and time for Judges and Lawyers.