10 – My Ideas Are Seeds, You Can Be A Farmer [Dialogue 4 Example]

Reasonable people can assess reality and decide for themselves what might be possible if we avoid all the old structure and streamline the process of creating reasonable options to what we are doing. We are not locked in to the realities of yesterday.

Common Sense is not so common anymore and I invite all readers to start dialogues that are reasonable, revolutionary, realistic and pursue-able. Why not have a little coffee meeting and talk about simple steps to finding freedom for someone by changing rules that effect many?

I would encourage efforts that are Pro-Bono for the greater good as I expect they can be more productive in a shorter timeline than trying to free a specific person for jaywalking.

A wide brush is great for painting the side of a barn but the effort here is to dot I’s and cross T’s in a legal document that sets many people free with reasonable rules that change criteria.

The right balance is what you would be wise to pursue but purpose, patience, persistence, politicking and people will be the keys who can open doors for many people. Furthermore, acceleration is furthered by respect for all involved at every level. People are not required to listen to new ideas but usually will if they are objectively and respectfully presented.