People That Look Different

People that look the most different from you are likely to be the ones that will be most receptive to your pleasantness. It is not unusual for folks to feel awkward around people that are very different from them.


Many have been told about the cruelty that exists in the world and have been cautioned about strangers. The more different you are makes you more of a stranger and therefore more likely that someone you meet will feel awkward when they first meet you.


If you are pleasant and outgoing in greeting them, you break the ice of their feelings of unspoken awkwardness. You make it easy for them to assess the situation based on their interaction with you. You take their focus off of fear of the unknown and allow them to feel welcomed by you and then accepting of you.


You see now that there is great opportunity to create positive situations by merely acting as if they will be positive, staying positive and allowing the benefits of positivity to flow back to you.

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