Urban Changes

The dynamic rules of the heavily communicated populations of the world are trending in rapid shifts. Nobody seems to know the rules and what the trend is until is becomes was. What happened may be uttered more frequently all the time and policy is unworkable when the goal is already history and the future is again unknown.


Things are moving so fast that a benefit may be the dysfunction of government in that it cannot govern because the rules change faster than the government can act. The vulnerability is that planning and thorough analysis may be impossible.

Prison Crafts

TV production could be something that a prisoner could develop into a business that could help to support a prison. The elements of a program would have to include a work area that would be leased to the prisoner on a per hour basis. The space would also be available to be leased to competitor TV producers.


The per hour basis would be divided into two shares. Share 1 would be related to the actual cost of providing the space and heat and light etc. and an accommodating fee for putting it all together and a Share 2 100% profit kicker when the project starts to earn real money.  After that a negotiated arrangement would be needed to reward the institution and motivate the imprisoned one.


The Initial messages from the TV producer could be:

  1. Reasons to avoid a life of crime,
  2. Prison realities and how to make prisons that are different and more effective at reducing violence, recreating lives and eliminating costs.
  3. Development of programs that could be transplanted to struggling communities that have the right motivation to embrace graduates of Penal Institutions of Learning.
  4. Finding ways to embrace residents like they have never been seen before.
  5. Creating a legal and economic engine to uplift the lives of residents and create real possibilities pre-discharge.
  6. Motivate prisoners to create within the structure new ideas that can set the rigidity of yesteryear on its ear.

A Pool of Potential

As you go along in life, there will be many things that come in to your awareness that may seem to disturb you.  These things are not to make your life unpleasant but merely to get your attention because the situations can benefit from your attention and those impacted will be blessed.


You are here for many reasons and the ones that seem least important to you may be measured differently by others. You are invited to the table of those who can make significant contributions and you are invited to make your own gift.

What If?

Dreaming may seem like a faraway possibility but in reality it can be the ideal vehicle to bridge the world of the unconscious to the conscious experience. Even when you are fully alert and oriented, allow yourself to play with daydreaming so that you can explore the possibilities for your life.


If you really would like to tap in to your genius, allow yourself to play with all possibilities that are available to you.  There is much more in your awareness than you think.


Extracting possibilities is done when you can play with ideas and mull things over in your head as you ask for a new perspective of all that can be. Allow limited thinking to fade from your view and embrace all possibilities that flow from creative thinking.


Continue to play – What If until you release all the potential that exists within a field of study.

Perceived Weakness

Your perceived weakness is strength potential not yet manifested.  You are much more and run much deeper than you could ever imagine. What you focus on increases in your life so when you focus on weakness, you get more of it.


Taking control of your life focuses on your strength and increases that and then you can do so much more for yourself and others.  Fear not for your ability to be more is infinite and the only thing that can slow you down is fear that grows like weeds in the minds of so many. Be free to be all that you have the potential to be and that will be enough for all to see so they can be more also.


Know that if you see that fear in others, you can help them by offering encouragement.  A few words from you can go a long way to help others see the potential that resides within them.

Celebrity Behavior

The pressures on celebrities are enormous. There is plenty of accommodation for the stars now for all they need to say is the same as the rest of you, I need help.


Go ahead and claim great power simply by declaring that you are a highly sensitive individual which gives you the tenderness to feel feelings before most other people. This sensitivity seems like weakness but the reality is that it is strength.


Try to lead your life in enough awareness for others as to make the trip worth the inconvenience that you feel. While you may look like you have it all together, in reality you need to take charge of your process or lose the battle.


You have the need to network with other sensitive beings so that you can learn what you are here to learn and do what you are here to do because whatever you see in others is not the total of their ability to share but it is merely a link invite that exists between you both. Others may seem to connect with issues the same way as you but it all can be different for both of you as you may have their key and they yours.


Focus please on the positives and help many to be on the path to their success and service. Your interest in relief outside yourself is actually a calling to learn about yourself because within you there is genius that can be shared.

Government Productivity

Governments seem to be doing poorly at utilizing moneys designated to help alleviate citizen suffering. Money spent with marginal benefit desensitizes consumers in their level of trust and compliance.


Who can justify the wasting of money on having the unemployed do nothing as infrastructure projects in need of accomplishment stand unfunded. Surely government leaders can create some benefit from the funds spent. Surely the good citizens would rally behind a common sense productivity seeker.

Are Capitalists Eating Their Seed Corn?

Capitalists are thriving but they may well be their own biggest threat. The cycles are changing very fast.


Business moves fast to monetize and Governments move slow to regulate.  Like the driver in a sports car, sometimes capitalists need to slow down for their safety and the safety of all others on the road.


For those of you who study these things, perhaps you could do some analysis on the wisdom of a farmer eating the seed corn or in this case, the capitalists starving  the customers they would have had in the future. Perhaps, balance correcting mechanisms are outdated.


The computerized compartmentalized information world that most of you live in provides some awareness of the world as it relates to others. There is a feeling component that may be lacking or out of balance that creates a lack of sensitivity to the perils of others. One big peril is the absence of government leadership.


Try to take a balanced look and see if the markets of the future are being ruined by the greed of now. Customers need to have purchasing power but that is shrinking in the nations of the world and that can result in cash flow constriction and decreased velocity which means that spending will slow and the same amount of outgo can create less spinoff benefits.


The sad part is the diming of the motivation of the youngest as the messages of hope are overcome by shouts of despair. Generations are being stifled by almost all the negativity that springs forth from the isolation of fear.

Democratic oriented governments are not finding it easy to say no to the citizens and unwise spending is frequent.  Government is like all consumers and must thrive or merely exist depending upon the wisdom of their spending.


Government and capitalists are very much on opposing sides of most issues.  Perhaps, the capitalists and the government of many nations can see that Capitalism is threatened by a dwindling customer base which is being caused by aggressive capitalism and a lack of leadership in many governments and businesses.

The Illusion That There is No Good News!

Bad news has always been a bit of a downer but people wanted to know what is going on in the world. With the acceleration of communications over recent decades, new stories can reach all the reporters of the world in a very short amount of time and the increased availability of video has brought horrifying images to new levels of availability.

Progress can be so helpful to humanity but care is needed when using high power resources. The images of darkness and depravity that fill the lives of the watchers of television today are much more graphic that those of years gone by.

Watching television and hearing the “talking heads” can lead to a skewed or biased perspective of the world you live in. Responsible reporting needs to be balanced.

Be careful when watching TV. Expect and demand that the reporters in your community include positive events and people in their shows. Broadcasting traditionally required the ability to prove that the shows were produced as a public service.

If your broadcasters cannot find good news to report, perhaps it’s time to change the channel and find one who can see through illusion and find goodness.

The Proliferation of Fear

Many of the perceived problems of the world have to do with the over stimulation of the populations. Producers of entertainment have a responsibility to their investors to produce profits so that their jobs are secure for the present and the long term. Hopefully, they can also serve the audience by producing quality content that is well enough received so they can enjoy the same support that allows them their audience.

A stable business climate is the foundation of governments and economies.  The availability of social networks has evolved as a factor in the stabilization and/or destabilization of communities and nations.

The Personal Satisfaction of Prison Purpose

The assignment of jobs within an organization allows for the decentralization of work and the possibility for enhanced productivity. Enhancing assignments should amplify all efforts toward optimizing the quality of life for all who live, work and visit prisons.

When a person awakens in the morning and has a reason to get up and get going, there is a meaning to their existence. That meaning simplifies their life and allows for their best self to show and bless all they encounter throughout the day.

Good days build on each other and make a future that is much brighter for all.

Prison Cell Clusters

Path fluidity would allow for prisoner interaction without the need to have ones who are less than agreeable occupy the same space at the same time.  With computer tracking and GPS technology, personal interaction flare-ups could be minimized for the pleasantry and safety of all residents and staff.

Prison Self-Help

A huge component of reaching the goals that you set for your institutions is to embrace the idea of creating safe transitions and creating structures that provide safety for all including all the union jobs that presently exist.   The transition will take time and require all the skills and finesse that the experience of present staffs can bring to the discussion.  Professionalism will be more not less valued.

Administrators and union representatives should invite staffs members to submit contributions in a way that can preserve their identity.

Who Will Organize the Prisons

These ideas are not a government style feasibility report that projects everything imaginable. These ideas are seeds for the growth of thoughts that are original, flexible, reasonably priced from an incremental expansive viewpoint and framed in the perspective of reasonable feasibility.

The challenge is for the prisoners to come up with the ideas and the documentation and then for the hierarchy to be wise enough leaders to grab the best ideas.

In the American car industry, the unions and management were not team players for many years. Dire circumstances brought them together in to teamwork. It worked and it still does.

The prisons and many of their parent nations are in at least as much trouble as the car manufacturers were. The prison situation can change for the betterment of the prisoners, the prison staffs and their nations.

Legal Creation of Mutually Beneficial Arrangements

The day may come when there can be quid pro quo arrangements where a prisoner of means could agree to substitute accommodations that they pay for that benefit the prisoner by being more pleasant and benefit the institution by the prisoner’s subsidizing their own expenses.  Such arrangements would be subject to specific compliance with the rules of the incarceration and immediate cancellation if needed.

While a feeling of uncomfortable favoritism may seem disturbing to many citizens, the economies of such an option could help your community to stabilize your tax load and that could be an attention getter for you.

Prison Living Arrangements

In traditional living space arrangements location was everything.  In the prison scenario and the punishing theme of the workplace, there seems to be a dehumanizing effect on all who live, work and visit the institutions.

Human dynamics are enlivened when there is participation in the choices that can be made.  Prisoners and guards could both benefit from contributing to a dialogue of the look of the space where they spend so much time.