A loss that is perceived may need to be put in perspective. Many times losses are just changes that need to be accepted in order that we might understand the logic of the situation.


The loss of a loved one can hurt a lot but many times it is a blessing for many because all was right for the change to happen in the way that it occurred.  An elderly loved one who resided in a care facility so that their many issues could be addressed is a great example of a loss that can be a blessing.


The crossing over or graduation of the loved one can be viewed as a blessing from a Loving God who calls his children home when it is the time that is divine. The loving family feels the loss but they also see the wisdom of the plan.


The graduation of the beloved frees them from the struggle to survive. The family is also freed from having to watch the futile struggle and the pain of seeing it and being helpless to stop the inevitable and continual deterioration.


Alas, and fortunately the wisdom of the divine plan is seen and acceptance is allowed to be embraced so that peace can be found.

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