Life Changes

You will go through segments of your life like you go through chapters of a book. Being aware of your situation can allow you to handle these changes with a minimum of upset. Be kind to yourself and check in with how you feel and how you want to react.


Objective interpretation of what is going on will help keep things within perspective and this will allow the growth that will serve you best. Strength during the changes can come from interpretation of all the aspects of the experience.


Every change will require support at all levels of your awareness. The physical situation may be fairly obvious but you also need to deal with emotional, mental and spiritual intensities as they unfold.


It is important that you consider the need for all the support like they were legs of a table. Your stability will require a Physical Support Leg, and an Emotional Support Leg, a Mental Support Leg and a Spiritual Support Leg.


You will need the four support legs for every dynamic of your changing situation. Fear not for change is within the natural order of your evolution as a person in this life and there is no need to fear the steps of the process.


You can plateau and regain composure to insure that the change is within your capacity to accept and integrate all that presents in a timely manner.

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