Let Freedom Be

Another factor that promotes limited thinking is the unavailability of options. In affluent communities, many stores compete for customers as the customers are free to shop where they get the most value for their money.

Poorer communities usually attract less investment and therefore less competition between sellers and less choices for the citizens to get the highest value for the dollar spent.

A large freedom that is little appreciated is the freedom of association which simply means that many people can associate with people they choose to be with.

This idea alone can provide a bridge whereby networking, teambuilding and community participation can expand economic clout and practical plans.

Suppose the poorer community above had residents that went together to shop at a more value centered community and bought their products more reasonably. In no time, teamwork could make big differences in everybody’s life.

If you think you are free and you want to be then act as if until you feel it, and then its will be a blessing for thee and for many others to see.

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