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Blessing Each Day

When you can align your personal purpose with a God aligned role then every action that you take throughout the day can be in the flow of your soul’s purpose.  The alignment may be much easier than it might seem.

Parenthood is a good example of a God aligned role for many people. That does not say that the role will be easy just that it is a goal that is worthy.

Struggling in a role happens so it is important to remember that God will be available to help you with your tasks if you ask for help. God recognizes your free will in all matters and will rarely interfere with the exact conscious choices that you make in performing the roles of your life.

Each of our lives can become very busy and sometimes we can feel a little lost and overwhelmed.  Occasionally, you may find it wise to ask yourself some questions. Perhaps,  “Am I doing this all by myself?” or “Have I remembered to ask God for help?”  Ask and it will be given to You. Be really blessed not really stressed.

The Power of Personal Purpose

The quality of life for each person varies by their view of the world and the personal values and motivators which form their personal purpose in life.  Understanding this allows you to consciously influence your natural tendencies by nudging them along towards the goal values that you set for yourselves.

The interactions that you have with others can likewise be more productive when you are aware of their purpose and goals. You can then associate with others in areas of mutual interest so that you form a purpose driven team.

Teamwork allows for an acceleration of efforts because you cross motivate each other as a natural byproduct of your interactive thoughts on a subject.  Having one or more team members allows for the communal benefit of safety where thoughts that you might self-devalue can be shared as a trial balloon for interactive consideration that might generate a response which takes on a whole different focus than anything individually conceived.

The belonging to a community of anything fulfills a core need that each individual has to belong. This drive is so strong as to cause some individuals to join groups that will accept them but not be of service to their personal purpose.
The key to flourishing in a community seems to be measured in a belonging that serves the need to belong and the highest personal purpose of the participant.

Prison Life of the Future

The complexity of your prison systems is detrimental to many that occupy, serve, visit, and guard them. There is a palpable intensity of negativity present at most facilities.

When one can change their mind, they can change their reality. Could it be that your society could realign prison life to contain the expansion of the need for more prisons.

Unions should not worry as there is no suggestion that these places can be eliminated any time in upcoming centuries. Union leaders could help serve their  members by helping the institutions become more user-friendly and economical for all.

The word economical was included to get the attention of the administrators but the goal is really to promote the lessening of dehumanization that exists within the societal dynamics from which the crop of criminals grows. The guard and others who work for institutions are exposed to the negative energy of the collected criminals and that is not exactly a nurturing vibration.

Please consider as if the vibration of a prison existed on a scale that you could read called the love fear continuum.  Consider that a single increment move on that scale that went away from fear and moved towards love was actually beneficial to all who passed through the premises.

As you ever so slightly held that thought, you entertained the possibility for a shift for the imprisoned and guards of the future. Congratulations, for you have allowed some light to shine on a subject that is almost perpetually locked in pessimism.

The Creation of Jobs

Jobs can be created by people of modest means wanting to improve the situation that they find unacceptable.  The power for job creation is by realizing where advantage can be tapped into so that new results can be had.

Great executives can lead teams to create from within the collective genius.  If you are an unemployed executive and desperately want to put your life back together then create a job think tank for a community effort to find and create jobs for yourselves.

Each participant could be invited to learn from a collective effort to help one of the best suited within the group to find employment.  As one learns how to help, one can also someday learn to be the one who receives the job.

This not the answer that you were seeking but it can be the one that serves you and connects you to your community in a new way. The more you expect to give than receive, the better for all including you.

The Health Care Opportunity

Many see the health care situation as a crisis of lack of resources. There is of course truth in that there is not enough resources to cover all the problems that the modern health care system is trying to handle, the way they are trying to do it.

Another truth is that many of the medical situations of today are the societal situations of recent years.  The drug crisis is mostly about the misuse of things that have been created to help people.

The same drugs that can save a person can also hurt many others. A scalpel in the hand of a gifted surgeon can save a seriously ill person. The same scalpel in the hands of a street thug can kill many more.

Within the midst of every community are people of great integrity that can offer great services at little cost to lay a new foundation for the children of tomorrow who are your society in embryo.   The people of great integrity are doing a lot to foster stronger communities of the future. Look around for them and see what little steps you can take to help them to share their message.

When the people of great integrity share their message with the future leaders of the society, the interactivity of our present communities can get the message from their children which could not be heard from the ones who taught them.
When there is the down up down flow of go go, know know, and way to go, we will arrive at the possibility for a common sense shift to not throwing out the baby with the bath water. There may not be much new under the sun, but the people can create a better world with the resources that you already have and you may even enjoy it a little more.

Willingness Does Not Demand Participation

Willingness to participate in this process doesn’t demand that you participate every time that we wish to speak. Conversely, you are not required to hear all there.
The way that there can be a street of two way communication can benefit more than a speaker and listener situation.  A telephone you are not but in the delay between the communications there can be absorbability of the depth of the message so that an equally deep effort of further understanding can be seeded.

Dimensional Variance

The dimensional variance does not mean that what is simple can be easy. As you sometimes can listen and write quickly on a number of segments, a single word can be a bump to the speed of your continuity. And then we chat back and forth about the meaning of that one word until clarity sparkles

Message Structure

Your mind is of course going again to try and find exactly what you are supposed to do. You are doing it and whatever way makes the most convenience for you is the way to go.

You have already done non-public messages as in #5 and the private one this morning. You are wondering about grouping messages so that they can have more meaning to people who would like to read messages about a specific area of interest.

Your convenience of doing and/or sharing can determine all the incidentals of format.  We ask that you be the channel and communicate messages to speakers and listeners on both sides because as the dimensions are different your interpreting the energy is pivotal to the comprehension in each phase.