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Man’s Efforts to Understand God

While understanding God is important, the concept is huge and would surely overwork many minds. So while the appeal is there, the threat of being identified as unable to comprehend the source could lead to counterintuitive avoidance of connection.

The paradox being that God could be viewed as both the goal and the obstacle at the same time. The inclination is to avoid that which we don’t understand so while many are trying to understand God, others may be in flight mode as they need to disconnect with associating since they fear and don’t really understand.

These things keep coming up. I invite you all to totally relax into oneness with God so you can be at peace and with God at the same time.

Divine Gender & Grammar

You, like many who carry light, are aware of the neutrality of God. You are as comfortable with the term Mother/Father God as you are God or the God Most High or God Almighty.

“God is” says it all. You have paused many times in your writing this series to hesitate about the gender and the pronouns and that has slowed down your process. You have decided to flow with this work as that is the most productive way to accomplish the task.

You have also decided to stay in flow regarding grammar, as that also can impede your comfort level. It is not easy to have one side of your brain in the spiritual world and one in the physical.

You are taking license as a channel to offer messages as they are flowing to you. Now we ask for you, that all who read the messages coming through, be aware that you are channeling word energy and interpreting as best you can as you are interacting with the speaker. Speaker can be me, any of the other angels who are helping with a particular task or any other beings of light.

Mike is aware of and one with all beings of Source. Messages that he writes are intended to embraced the Divine Feminine and be totally respectful thereof.

Mike also needs for you to know that sometimes the messages are for him, sometimes for all readers and sometimes he does not know but takes the message as he gets it. He wants all who are sensitive to grammar to know that the rules are suspended here because he finds it much too complex to edit the grammar when the words and meanings are so flexible.

Your View of Life Experience

Your life is not what you think it is. It is the life you feel after taking what comes and filtering it through what you have expected or experienced before.

Have you ever been amazed when people who have everything, can be miserable and resentful.  At the same time, you may see someone who has very little and they are happy as a bird singing in a tree.

The difference between the two situations above is not rooted in the physical bounty but is influenced by the expectations and the level of satisfaction. Likely, there is a difference in what they feel at a non-physical level.

Human circuitry is no different from a typical electrical system. You can have switches that control the current or juice to an activator and the activator that just does what it is designed to do (provide light, heat water, act out, be miserable  etc..).

The wiring for the sad and happy individuals are different because the filters, expectations, triggering and activations are different. How are you wired?

You can change your wiring. You can change your life.


You hear loudly and often the questions about the workings of the spiritual world. These are the same questions that you yourself have asked.
It is time for you to share the idea that the questions are parental in nature.  People want to quantify God so they can understand the rules and then align themselves strategically on the side of compliance therewith.

The people you hear are not the parents of God. They are the children of God and they do not make, judge or enforce the rules for God.  Yes, they may have children and want to see that the children are raised right but that is a task that requires ongoing connection to source wisdom.

God is not a rigid absolute detail checker. God is a loving understanding source of reasonable accommodation who sees clearly every intention and action.

Fear not the wrath of God as many might threaten you with.  Fear only the loss of God because that is a loss of unimaginable danger and each who experiences the loss may never understand the price that they have paid.

The absolute path to God is likely to be much easier than you might think. God is easy to be with and if you have invited him, he will stay as long as you are a good host.

Should you ever be unkind to your creator, your hands will not be slapped. You will be allowed to do as you want because you have free will. In this case, God will not be leaving you, you will be drifting away from God.

Do not ever blame God for having forsaken you. If you ever feel forsaken, it is because you have forsaken God.


You can be one with God. You can be with all of creation, including people, animals, plants, trees, the seen, the unseen, that which is in between the physical and the non-physical and all that exists in thoughts of the present, past and future.

Your intention has the power to connect with all that is, was or may be. All you need to do is form the thought that you wish to and are connecting to the target person, place or thing.

When you arrive there in your thoughts, experience your presence in an interactive way so that when you observe, you not only see the position but you see yourself as part of the total picture. As you see the interactive possibilities, you can know how your actions can influence before you even start.

Your internal view not only empowers you but also all that you are one with.  The support of your bond amplifies the resonance of creation to simplify the needed action for perfect right results on as accelerated timeline.

Spiritual Initiative

Taking action to ground your higher vibration thoughts in the physical world according to the Divine plan is honoring of the spiritual self.  The intensity of your Soul’s mission can be captivating and satisfying.

Spiritual bliss can be you following what you feel divinely guided to do when it makes no common sense by the values of current society.  All that matters to your piece of mind is that you are aligned with the guidance that comes clearly.

Speaking from Prison

It is good that you can hear Rev. Marion as she does not feel heard by the many. She does hear those who are restricted to the penal system and she hears them like you do her.

She listens to the truth that they cannot speak because they have been brought up in a society that dismissed their humanity before their spark of genius had an opportunity to shine. She has a message of love that says simply that they are each loved and let us together open to the possibilities for your gift to the world.

The absence of love in the lives of the imprisoned congregation she serves is the fertile field from which grew the human weeds of thinking that stifled all plantings of positivity. She is a farmer that has already turned over the field and is looking for the right seeds for a bountiful harvest of new life for each of their lives.

Her bringing of God’s love to each of them is purely about acceptance and self-worth. She wants them to know that the goodness of God is available to all that invite it. She invites them to invite it every time she visits.       5/22/13