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Tomorrow is Another Day

Time can be seen as a stressor or a suggested completion target.  Realistically, too diligent attention to the clicking of the clock is a distraction to creativity and performance.

A relaxed body and mind are the optimal states for creativity and production.  Everything is so much easier when you get in to a flow of doing the task.


Wise are you who have given up the need to be understood, and now, just seek to understand.  The understanding allows the possibilities for communication and teamwork that are not otherwise possible.

Understanding opens the door to trust on both sides of a dialogue.  Trust allows parameters to expand so that things that were impossible become influenced by the nonphysical rules that exist alongside but separate from physical rules.


Arrival at the point of despair can have a beneficial side effect. From here there is nothing to lose and everything to be gained. You can allow yourself the opportunity to take normally unthinkable risks that can change your life.

Often we are afraid to think outside our comfort zone and entertain thoughts that might be risky.  With nothing left to lose, we might just risk and win some unexpected benefits. This is not to recommend gambling but to expand one’s awareness that your creator wishes to bless you and sometimes it takes a long journey to accomplish the task because until we will allow ourselves to be blessed, we can pass up a lot of opportunities.

Those That Feel Dismissed

Those amongst you that have the feeling of being dismissed may be targeted because you shine bright healing light on the people of the world. The darkness that already exists is not happy with the good you could do if they were not distracting you from your work.  Fear not for you cannot be stopped when you see through the illusion and embrace the sacredness of the assignment that you have accepted.

While your path will not be easy, the first step is the worst and moving out of inertia will be a struggle. Once you are started, your progress may seem slow but that is surely acceptable as your destination and assignment will be known.


You See Inside

You see inside others that there is always the possibility of a shift in perspective that allows for miracles of all kinds. As you invite others to see their gifts, you optimize the possibility that the gifts will manifest as blessings to themselves and others.

You Are Eyes

When you look without stereotyping, you can see the contrast within each person.  Within the happiest person, there is some sadness. Within the saddest person, there is some Joy.

Invite all to see the clarity of potentials within themselves to help, nurture and bless others. For focusing on good, attracts more good.

What Are You Emotional About?

When feeling emotional, try to play with feelings of being neutral. Ask yourself the tough questions that you might not want anybody to ask you. Answer the question truthfully and then answer the question from the perspective of  a reality that you have yet to activate but want to embrace.

While you have no obligation to answer personal questions asked by aggressive interviewers, the situations can frequently allow you to score understanding by being ready, willing and able to take charge of an interview. Whether you crumble or whether you shine will in large part be determined by your readiness to respond.

Readiness is about your truth of the situation without regard for a viewpoint being proposed that questions your integrity. Whenever there is a doubt of what to say in situation, starting with the truth is key.

Your truth and other’s truths may be very different and that is totally acceptable as long as you are internally peaceful with the truth you share. Many interviewers can lead audiences to conclusions based on truths that are not accurate.

You are not responsible for erroneous extrapolations made by others that lead their followers to a positive perspective of you. If the conclusions happened to lead to you in a negative way then your original truth could be used to show your authentic position.

Suffering Is a Strict Teacher

You can stay in suffering school until you learn the lesson that the suffering carries. Each person’s interpretation of an experience is influenced by many things and amongst them are the filters that the individual uses to look at the world.

If you have a filter that says that you are less than worthy, you will own an experience that is different than one who thinks that they are worthy.  Your individual viewpoint can set the limits for your manifestation of good.

Choosing to stay in suffering is not recommended. The wise choice seems to be to learn the lesson and move on to better times

Learning the lesson quickly is an active process that the owner of the suffering must initiate. If you want to grow, look past the status quo. Then when you know, get up and go.

There is a huge difference in graduating from suffering class versus leaving it. Graduation makes it a successful class and permanent history.  Leaving it makes it an incomplete which will have to be repeated until the lesson is learned.

Your Thoughts Are Your Possibilities

God whispers great ideas into your ears. How do you hear those messages? Like many people, you entwine your life experience to the practicality of that which you hear.

Could it be possible that what is being whispered to you is unique? Could this concept be the breakthrough idea of the century? Could this be your ticket to easy street?

There could be a lot more questions that also jumble up your mind and overload your brain. The first question to answer is your own. Is this something that you wish to entertain right now or at all. While God whispers opportunities, God recognizes free will and respects that all can use it.

When you visit a smorgasbord, there is no need for you to eat everything on all tables. God offers you a smorgasbord of life experiences which you can dig in to for your benefit and the benefit of all.