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You Are Ears

You are ears that hear those that need to be heard. In your hearing there is great peace for the speaker because somebody finally allowed them to finish.

Once they are heard once, there is the feeling that they can be heard again and that is motivation for the continuation of the polishing of the message. Hearing them is healing to them and honoring of that part of them which is God.

You Have More Power Than You Might Think

A common lament is “What are you going to do?” For many people, this is just the way to not participate in the challenges of life. At the very least, you can pray for outcomes that are aligned with your beliefs.  You can ask God to take the challenge on so you don’t have to.
See The World Beautiful

Within each citizen of the world is the ability to see more than what exists. The ability is to see what can exist when one believes and achieves.

The good that you each can do is amplified when you work together to accomplish more.  Each person has different talents and abilities so there is no way that this writing can recommend what is possible. Networking and community involvement are ways that you can work together with others and create new possibilities.

Commercial Negativity Distribution

The communities of many countries have commercial news gathering and reporting functions that accumulate the bad news of the world and share it alongside your neighborhood news. If there is a shortage of bad news in your neighborhood, these organizations can import more terrible stories from other places so that there is no shortage of negativity for you or your children.

Absorbing intense images can be educational or detrimental to your personal peace. Next time you see an example of this, try to take a measurement of your Joy of Life and decide whether it helps you feel positive or negative.

When you know the value of those stories to you, you can decide to focus on them and increase their intensity or release them and choose to seek images more aligned with who you are.  Should you decide that some stories or images are not pleasing, you could very well pray, bless or intend that the vibrations be harmonized with the divine.

The Sending Of Love

The sending of love is a blessing to both sender and receiver even if the receiver is not aware of or ready to receive. Young people might say now that Love Rules.

The harmonic or vibration of an intention is created in a form that can have a residual in the location for a period of time that could exist independent of other factors many times or sometimes be later changed because of the intensity of then current present tense initiatives.  A place may feel blessed or cursed by the nature of the intention that created the thought.

If you encounter places of darkness, anchor the blessing of love and invite the light of the Creator to bless the space. The byproduct of your blessing is an environment that is not user friendly to vibrations of the dark world.

Link Your Heart to Us

You have learned many ways to connect with spirits and angels. One such way is simply called a heart link which you have learned. Readers of your messages can do likewise.

As you have done with the white buffalo, the connection is initiated by the intention of the one who wishes to connect. While not all beings of your planet will be as quick to recognize the love that flows during a link, the consciousness of the intender will be open to feedback.

The flow of a heart connection is very healing to all who participate in it even if the initiator does not feel feedback.


Deep inside some creative people is a yearning for expression of their genius.  This feeling can be trying as vulnerability to rejection is an exposure that a lot of folks are reluctant to take. Are you ready to stand out of the crowd and say look at me?  Have you done your homework?  Have you polished your presentation skills so that you are prepared to succeed?

The expert at creativity is God and you have been created in the image of God. So you might want to rethink any reluctance to show your genius. Go ahead and feel blessed because you have chosen to unify with the greatest friend of all.


Working is very important to a feeling of competence.  The work of your life does not have to be employment in corporate work. It can be a calling that comes from deep within your soul.

Regardless of the name of what you call work, the absence of what you have chosen or feel called to is not a barrier to your happiness. Many have a waiting period, an integration period, an internship or just a wait for all to be aligned for the manifestation to occur.  Staying positive during a delay is important as sometimes arrogance can eliminate opportunities when impatience looks to a potential employer like an unpleasant candidate who might not be an asset to the organization.

The delay time until manifestation is not a period of inactivity. It may actually be the busiest time as you try to find the opportunity that will allow you the chance to be and have the realization of your dreams.

It may be necessary for you to do a job that does not please you so that you can eat on a regular basis. Be not concerned about the timing of events.  Say to yourself – When I align with the Divine, the time will be mine.


Encourage others as you go along. Everyone needs recognition and encouragement. The world can often feel lonely but then you come along and smile, they feel worthy. If you are low, it is the way to go. Your one smile can make somebody and yourself feel better.

Pain Matters

Pain is a message that says something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Get the message as early as you can and be prudent about taking care of yourself. If God did not want you to pay attention to the body you have been given, he would not have devised such a wonderful alarm system. Hear the message and take action to solve the problem.
Between the acceptance and the resolution there is a huge opportunity to cope with the pain while you wait for your remedial action to take effect.  You can focus on the pain and help yourself to feel it more intensely or you can take your focus and put it on others.

Offer gratitude for the message and try to find someone you know who could benefit from a prayer, a blessing or just being seen in the light. Allow yourself to expect an alignment of uplift for them, a ramp up to new possibilities.

As you focus on them, it is easier for you to be distracted from being bothered by your discomfort. Whatever you focus on increases in your life, so when your  focus is on benefitting them, you both benefit.


Labeling of people is something that has been distasteful to you for many years. For the labeling is a part of the process of disempowering, disenfranchising and dismissing people. It is akin to the Branding of cattle that marks them as being restricted to a certain space and limits their ability to follow the instincts of their nature.

The labeling of people can be very devastating to those that are below the top of any perceived value system.  It can slant one’s value of self to be less than their potential and it can stifle their ability to grow in to all they could be if they thought they could.

You have always been fascinated when a different idea comes along and revolutionizes something. Had not the thinker thought, there would be no benefit to the world.

If anybody feels they must label, may they label all as worthy, adept and fabulous in the present moment and unlimited in the near future and beyond.