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Relaxing In To Miracle Changes

In the last writing, you were asked to focus on your expectations and their impact on outcomes. In this writing there will be another unexpected connection between consciousness and what manifests.

A healing outcome may be different from either of the extremes that you might have expected. Human perspectives tend to expect absolute outcomes.

Holistic healing may well impact the consciousness and readiness of a sick or injured patient for whatever comes next. Readiness can directly impact the nonphysical aspects of the human experience and subsequently the physical aspects.

The emotional baggage of life can be a heavy burden that can be released during life threatening scenarios. The awareness that time is short can lead to all sorts of shifts in relationships.

Perhaps, a family member could be contacted or come voluntarily to settle a long standing battle. This could allow for deep emotional healing which could allow for de-stressing of the whole body.

Illness can cause mental processes to analyze the wisdom of past actions and the rightness of one’s mindset.  New heaviness of awareness can change the rigidity of the way one has thought.

The closeness to the end of life can also allow for a reprioritization of one’s relationship with the creator.  Wondering about your address in the afterlife can be scary and stimulate self-analysis of the wisdom of the way that you lived spiritually.

So if there are changes in Spiritual connectedness, mental processes, and emotional baggage, the level of a patients’ health can shift and sometimes that shift can be nothing short of miraculous.


The word blessing frequently conveys an active or a passive scenario.

The active process would be where a denominational celebrant performs a ritual over a person, group, object, situation etc. Also, when someone was praying a ritual for a period of time to benefit someone’s situation.

The passive process would be where the results or circumstances benefitted someone. A good situation manifested for someone, like a baby, a windfall of some kind or unexpected good.

You are invited to an awareness of your expectations in a situation and the effect they can create. Positive thinking can amplify results to the extreme. Negative thinking can do the same in the opposite extreme. Be careful what you think and expect.

You can manifest an unexpected outcome by expanding your prayers and thoughts to include the support needed for all positive possibilities in seemingly impossible situations. You are incredible just like you were designed to be.


Your use of the term Divine Time is a sweet way to express the time alignment between the physical and non-physical worlds. For example, this morning we were ready to talk with you but your head was full already with priorities that you felt obliged to deal with. That was fine, it was not divine.

Now that our readiness and your readiness are aligned, the time is divine to talk about time.  There are many frustrations that come from things not working out according to the schedule and that frustrates many needlessly.

When anything varies from your agenda, feel free to communicate your feelings to us and also ask for understanding. Many times there is great good from rain delays, snowstorms and other disruptions to the hectic pace that people of the world may live.

There is even a message in a once popular song –  “Slow down , you’re going to fast,….”.    Life is a blessing to be lived, not one to be raced through.

The flowers are provided for your enjoyment, The fruit to sweeten your experience, The sun to light your way, the vegetables to keep you healthy and the air to keep you breathing. Do you feel blessed?
If Yes, Why?
If No, Why?

Many Things Are Coming To Your Awareness

It is good that you are now ready to receive the many messages that we have for you. We find your direct communication about waiting this morning helpful to this process.

We appreciate the broadening of your perspective and the wanting to be connected to the electronic world that is so popular at this point in time. You have sufficient awareness to do the connections that you are being invited to make.

Your inclination to achieve technically may be too intense at this time for your soul purpose’s need of peacefulness that can be disrupted as your unsuccessful efforts at coding leave you feeling exhausted.  As you already know, sometimes like on winter slick roads, it can be more effective that you go slow so you can be safe and actually go further faster. You are like that with technology. Relax about it, struggle less, relax more, be at ease with it all and smile to yourself.


Illusion is such a big impediment to many who think that they are communicating. Your comedians joke about miscommunication around your electronic devices and then they send the joke by using the same devices.

There is nothing wrong with these tools but the users can frequently get so absorbed in the process that they lose comprehension about the benefits of face to face communication. Your  Neuro-Linguistic Programmers explain clearly that communication is auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

Losing part of the communication because of the limitations of electronic devices is generally a nonissue but kinesthetic issues stand out. Emotional communication can be very vulnerable to misunderstanding and perspective shading. Awareness of these fragilities can help to avoid tenderness mistakes.

One With

You are just back from a session last night of Michal through Paul the channel.  The take home for you was the clarity of oneness that keeps answering your question of why you feel so deeply about all that goes on in the lives of those that you know and those you become aware of.

The culture of your everyday world is self-focused toward self-interest. There is such an effort to have and achieve that the simple pleasures of life are often unconsumed in favor of transient miniscule artificial treats.

Many times you feel a misalignment within your awareness which is caused by your goals clashing with the common culture. While troubling in a moment, this is not anything to be fixed. All thoughts are along the nature of the holder of the thinking and it is within each person’s free will to think as they wish.

We understand your desire to be “normal” but that has not been your thinking  and you are not showing a real desire to change. We are grateful for that. You are among those that are the contrast, that hold the light, that show the way and all is truly well as things are now for you the collective.

Your humanity will always have you questioning your differences from others and that is an evolving awareness that can serve you well.  Your strength comes not from being the average person but in understanding the wants, needs and cravings of them.

Understanding allows your communications to be deeper, more meaningful and targeted to spread the good you wish to share.  It also allows us to use your awareness.