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Be the Beam

You have come this far because you have a calling and you are listening and you are trying hard to be as compliant with your calling as possible.  Likewise, those that are reading your writing are also working on cleaning and polishing their sparkling selves.

Know all that in the effort that exceeds trying, there is opportunity for the uplift that you all seek.  The effort that exceeds trying is a significant way to manifest what one can achieve when they give effort, visualization, connection, oneness, unification and/or hard work that resonates with the whole of their soul.

I invite the hearts of all to open so their hearts can share a beam of love to all they meet along the path of life. You need not talk to everyone to share this love. Form the intention and it is so as you are a powerful emissary of the God Most High.

Blessed be those who beam the Love of God to all they meet AND SO IT IS!

Live the Dream

The time is now for the dreamers to shift in to the achievers.   That which is pulling inside your heart is your call to greatness which can and will bless you and others if you answer it.

Leading is different than what you might be familiar with. Leading is an adventure that is alive with the potential for all the risks and rewards thinkable.

The dream does not need to be accomplished alone. Say to yourself the words from your bible where it says “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”

Public Awareness

Public awareness of success and failure play a huge part in the respect for individuals. That is also true within a single family or organization.
Interacting with people can be challenging and disconcerting.  Power and respect are different in today’s world than it was many years ago.

Authoritativeness has evolved to a tiered system that keeps the hierarchy but also embraces the technical wizardry of the modern era. Heads of business and pop stars can work together to further the understanding and sensitivity for all types of people.

The new level of possibility adds a new level of responsibility for each citizen of the earth to reach up and out for the success that they crave at some level.

Saving Face

Participants in conversations can sometimes have a personal stake in the outcome because they have devoted large amounts of personal capital to the effort. They may feel embarrassment if the ultimate answer is formulated by a proposer of a different plan.

The Japanese are well known for the concept of saving face where there is a gracious surrender of some issues to a differing viewpoint so that both persons can adjust their position on something just enough to identify a point between the extremes that can evolve as the grand answer. Both parties can claim the real victory of a successful resolution.

Seeds of Thought

As you listen, learn and grow, you will know that there are ideas that may be customized to create new options in many situations.  The ideal answer to situations is sometimes much simpler than the positions that start the conversation.

If you are entering a conversation and the positions are well defined, there may be an advantage to planting seeds and staying out of battle. The Swiss have achieved great fortunes by listening to all, remaining attentive to opportunities and staying neutral.

Listening To Others

Listening to others can be similar to an arduous job that someone needs to do but it can also be like a mine of gold for conceptualizing the common values. The depth of your understanding of others is aligned with your ability to be of service to them.

Connection with your fellow citizens of the world allows a building of potential for the common good of society that could not be otherwise manifest.


The earth is shared with many people who have their own ideas of how the resources should be used. A challenge can be working with others to provide understanding that respects all.

Speaking to others is done in many ways and most effectively when the tone is respectful to the common values of all. Understanding of common values comes from listening before speaking.

Thought Greed

There is an aspect of humanity that receives a blessing and automatically judges that gift as incomplete or not enough and there is a wanting of more. There is need for maturity to see that one can only absorb, process and integrate so much at one time.

When lunch is served and there is a delightful bounty of goods ready to eat, you  need to be aware that you can only consume so much at one time. The situation is similar for thoughts and understanding. You do not need to know it all today.

The Wanting of Understanding

The asking to understand is the call to the creator that is resonant with connectedness and comprehension. The efforts to understand are peaceful and comfortable yet thrilling and satisfying.

The effort to understand opens the possibilities for the connection that can connect one to the smallest and largest potential for it all. The effort is a communication of the originator to the ones and things of the universe that says I am your friend.  All of creation that holds consciousness can bless all other consciousness holders.

The consciousness of all is a network that can be described as huge and intricate and exquisite and effective.  The functionality of consciousness is difficult to comprehend and counterintuitive to the average person. The key is trust with diligence, discipline and definition.

The one seeking to understand consciousness needs to be aware that there are obstacles to being objective and subjective at the same time. The task is possible and open to many when the steps are proportionally aligned to elementary increments that have definition.

Action with Trust

As you sit knowing that it is time to write for me, you trust that the unfolding will be aligned with your interpretation of the assignment that has evolved and is still evolving yet. You do not need the last sentence to the paragraph in order that you commit the first to the page.

The process is a co-creation where the words have meaning but in the twist and the spinning of the thought there becomes a new clarity which has old words take on new meaning that resonates at a deeper level. It is as so many things can be the same yet different and new and fresh but still comfortable.

Those who are drawn to these writings are those that are looking for more from all they know but they are not looking for adventure that carries danger to their comfort level of expansiveness. They can find safety & expansiveness here.