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The God Inside Man

From your early education, there has been a line that resonates deeply within and that is “God Is Everywhere” and that means to you that God is inside you.
If that is true, then God is inside all.  If that is true then the Unification of us all is already complete and there is not one reality of the Heaven/Earth  – God/Mortal situation but billions of truths that include each God/Mortal Unification.  Is that another absolute?  You can see the rightness of all efforts to describe.

When you move from absoluteness, you can already see that you and the peoples of all nations can create a society, country, continent, many continents, a world and many worlds where the society can create many different realities instead of the  ones you now see.

If the picture or the world is something that you do not like, Just use the TV analogy and take action to change the channel – CLICK.



Why Now?

The energies of now are shifting as we reach the potential for a new alignment between the physical and spiritual worlds. You have heard it put many ways by many visionaries but you are not thrilled with it all.

Your discomfort comes from the absoluteness of it all.  Different writers talk as if there is but one way to be, do and have in the ascended now.

You feel that the significance of each human soul is not being recognized by the messages that you have seen thus far. There is truth in your feeling but that truth is also not absolute.

The Messages

Whether you understand fully or not, the words that come through you in your invitations, your messages and your personal comments are like gifts which may be opened or not. They are delivered with love but sometimes people may not be ready to receive some messages at certain times of unrest.

The messages that come can sit for hours, days, months, years, decades or centuries. It matters not when a message of love is delivered, opened or accepted.  It matters when it comes forth as a seed.  Sometimes there is a coincidence of circumstance that will trigger the recognition, acceptance and allowing.

Just continue to capture the messages that form in your head.  We will not overburden you. We (I mostly but thousands upon thousands of others) will stop as you require so that you never again get the out of body experience that so rattled your spiritual awareness so many years ago.

You were beginning to get overwhelmed already with us this week as you started but the identification in your mind of writing within the manageable size template of your recent e-books allowed us to finally hear the capacity that you wish to use to work with us. We hear you.

The Place of the Soul

The language of your fellow citizens of the earth frequently indicate a perception of themselves as being lowly and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. This is inaccurate as each child of God has an assignment that they are invited to fulfill in their lifetime. You are good at encouraging people to see their light and their blessing to share.

The constant pull for you to encourage those that need to know their significance can be very frustrating to you as it seems as if you are intruding on their free will. You are not intruding as you present the message as an invitation which they are free to accept or reject and you do not attach any judgment or agenda to your invitations.

While the number is not known to you of those that get the message or not, the blessing of your gift is the sharing of the love in the invitation so that they know at some level that they are invited and welcome to the celebration of their own significance. They are being celebrated whether they are ready to acknowledge their own potential or not.

The Power of Each and Every Smile

A smile says that you respect someone before you even open your mouth. A smile is love without words. A smile is an offer of friendliness and connection.

Wherever you are and why you are there has little or nothing to do with the person that you meet there.  If you smile, then you start the interaction between you and them on a positive base. That positive start can serve you well in many situations where you want to just do what you need to do and leave.

You may find there is Divine opportunity when that same smile can be helpful to the one you meet. Feeling the need for further positive comments can easily allow you to fulfill some of your soul’s purpose and be an instrument of blessing to them. Personally, you mike know the delight of reaching that person and filling that need.


Joy is a word that can bring the effect by the mere mention of it. As the word means many things to different people, the meaning to ourselves can also vary with the situation that we are in.

The easiest way to find it is in efforts to bring it to others. You could buy a dozen roses and take them home and have a certain amount of joy.

You could take that same dozen roses and share them with your friends individually. You might say something nice like, I just want to share nature’s beauty with some of the beauties that I know. The beauty of this rose is as precious as your smile, charm, thoughtfulness, consideration, kindness etc


Responsibility is a word that says a lot to folks about what they must do for the family and the community and society itself. It presents a whole list of duties to be accomplished and can become a burden.

Each adult and especially the women of the world have a responsibility to themselves to bring joy into their daily lives as they fulfill their duties. You Mike frequently use the analogy of the farmer and the well.

The farmers would always take care of the well because the well at dry times is the lifeline of all the creatures and crops on the farm. The well of the family is the woman and all, including the woman herself, have a responsibility to insure that she shares proportional to all and receives the support and love that she needs.


Gifts do not have to involve money or things and they don’t have to be given through a faceless organization. Meaningful gifts can be given in person and involve little more than a few minutes time.

When you might see someone who seems to be having bad luck, a simple prayer said in the silence of your mind can be enough to bless their path. A kind word can be enough to save a life.

Speak to the one who was the child in the schoolyard who nobody would associate with. They are still children of your creator and you can be the one to  smile them into opening enough that they can reconnect with the world.


Movie making in years past always started with the word ACTION. Today in the lives of many there is a need for that command.

Society has become a group of observers with huge opinions and agendas who are waiting for the proverbial somebody to do what – “Somebody should …” I invite you to look in the mirror and say “Hello somebody.”

The gifts of life can come through people who are selfless enough to give without expecting anything. In addition to the selflessness of giving, wisdom is needed to select targets that are likely to multiply the effect of the gift.